Experience the  results of the Tech. Literacy Grants 2000 and 2001 and experience magic in your classroom!  Betsy has put all of the lessons together so that everyone could share.   One of the best things about the Internet.....is that is so easy to share.   Don't forget we have reading plans on our Intranet. 

Middle School Web Quests, Units, and Extensive Lesson Plans

 Writing Skills
Parts of Speech WebQuest by Betsy Norris
The Power of Persusasive Writing
by Betsy Norris
Letter Writing by Betsy Norris


Analyzing and Describing Music by Jon Brock
Life Skills
Kitchen Math by Mrs. Gant
Kitchen Reading and Writing by Mrs. Gant
 Bridge Building by Dulcie Davis  
 Our Changing World  
Causes and Effects for Weather


Creating a Class Survey
Using Excel to Practice Multiplication
Using PowerPoint 
Black History Unit 
Compare and Contrast Using a Venn Diagram
Using a Word Processor to Practice Reading Skills
Creating Web Pages in the Classroom


Health and PE
Sports Biography or Autobiography Book Reports
A Virtual Field Trip to Mexico by Betsy Norris
Increasing Vocabulary for Hispanics New to the School by Louise Armstrong
A Culture Safari by Betsy Norris
Graphs by Mrs. S. Phillips
Mathematics Strategies by Mrs. Swain
Real World Math by Mrs. Burton
  Social Studies
Earthquakes WebQuest by Donna Brock
Events Leading to the Civil War by Norma Sanborn
Donna Brock's Online Classroom
Use the Shelbyville Search by Mrs. Webb

The US Constitution
For those teachers still trying to find others' plans, try looking for others' WebQuests here.  We recommend these links! 

Volcanoes Online...(Science)
The Art of Japan....(ART)
Color My World ...(Science and Art)
Get Fit, Don't Quit.....(P.E. or Health)
Computer Ethics......(Guidance)
Endangered Species...(Science)
Strut your Stuff......(Physical Fitness)

Learn to Draw.....(Art)
Character Education....(PE or Health)
Basketball to Education...(PE or Math)
Mites....Science or Reading
Bicycling and Its History..(Physical Fitness)

Understanding Disabilities....Special Needs
Foods and Festivities Around the World

Sign Language....(Special Needs)
Fun Fitness......(Physical Fitness)
Where's It At? (Social Studies)
Grammar Glamour...(English)



Cause and Effect by Mrs. Bean
Using Tall Tales to Practice Comprehension Skills
by Mrs. Woosley
Lyrical Lessons by Sixth Grade "B" Block
Writing a Book Critique Using an Accelerated Reader by Mrs. Davis
A Scavenger Hunt by Betsy Norris
Verb Unit  by Betsy Norris





Lots more to come!  Stay tuned and check often!

Visit this link for teaching reading skills when teaching content reading.

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