Lesson Plan for Puns

Lesson 5



Poetry and the Upper Elementary student

Grade: Appropriate with some adaptation to any upper elem. student

Goal: Students will learn what puns are, how they can be useful in poetry, and how people use them in advertising slogans, valentines, and everyday language.

Activity: A student or group of students will choose one of the following to illustrate his/her understanding of poetry.

1. Students will create a list of puns. They will choose 1 pun to illustrate.

2. Students will make a poster demonstrating his/her favorite pun.

3. Students will create a slogan using puns. Use the following "formula" to create your pun poetry.

Think of a word and its homophones. Now create a way to say one thing meaning another.

Here's an example of a pun at a restaurant:

Get a steak in our business. (stake)

4. A great Valentines or February activity. Let the students send Valentines to each other. Demonstrate by reading some "real" valentines. Students could draw a picture of a lion and write I'm not lion, I like you.


Evaluation: Students have participated. Students have done a poor, fair, good, or super job on the activity.


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