IDIOM Lesson Plan

Lesson 6


To stick your neck out is to say or do something that is bold and a bit dangerous. A similar idiom that is used for slightly more dangerous situations is to "go out on a limb." In both idioms, the idea is that you put yourself in a vulnerable position.

To break the ice is to be the first one to say or do something, with the expectation that others will then follow. Another idiom that means something similar is "get the ball rolling."

To get long in the tooth means to get old. The expression was originally used when referring to horses since gums recede with age. So the longer the teeth a horse has, the older it is said to be.

To have a chip on one's shoulder is usually an expression to describe a person who acts, as you say, rudely or aggressively, but also in a manner that could be described as "aggressively defensive." The person seems always ready for a fight.

Other Resources for Idioms:

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Guide to Idioms


Grade level: Upper Elementary

Goal: Students can identify and use idioms in everyday language or poetry.



In the next minute write down as many idioms as you can.


In the next minute write down the meaning of the idioms you created.


Get into groups of four. Share idioms and meanings for ~ 1 minute. Have the group choose the best (most creative) idiom and read it to the class.


Draw posters illustrating your favorite idiom and share it with the class.


Do this worksheet - Idioms:

Worksheet on Idioms



Directions: Write the meanings of these frequently used idioms:

1. catch a cold _________________________

2. see eye to eye________________________

3. under the weather_____________________

4. stuffed to the gills_____________________

5. out of the frying pan and into the fire________

6. slow boat to China_____________________

7. nose to the grindstone___________________

8. on pins and needles_____________________

9. fly off the handle_______________________

10. toot your own horn_____________________

11. pie in the sky__________________________

12. head in the sand________________________

13. lay down the law_______________________

14. born yesterda__________________________

15. feel like a million________________________

16. just what the doctor ordered________________

17. hold your horses_________________________

18. cat has your tongue_______________________

19. going bananas___________________________

20. bury the hatchet__________________________


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