Merry Christmas Students!

A Christmas Scavenger Hunt

Find the infomation and quickly put the one-three word answers on your paper. Use the link with the question to find the answers or the information that you need to do to move on. You must follow directions!

Number your page 1-23. Work with your group to complete the following as quickly as you can. No cheating. When required to read or write -- read silently and quickly, but completly and write neatly.

Visit the links and solve the questions.

1.Write a letter to Santa, but don't sign your real name, please. Please use a nickname or first name only.

Visit this site to find the answers to the next 3 questions.

2. Read the editorial silently to yourselves "Yes Virginia, there is a Santa Claus." Did your group all read it? Write yes on #2 when you have finished reading it.

3. What is the only holiday where Santa Claus can get a glass of milk and a plate of cookies at every child's house?

4. Click on "Christmas Tree". This picture of the tree is in what state?

5. Find my favorite Christmas story "The Gift of the Magi" and your group should read it. Write yes when you finish reading it.

6. Name one way that I can care for the Christmas tree?

7. Look at the live view of New York City. Neat? Write yes when you have seen it.

8. What colors can poinsettias be?

9. How much time until Christmas?

10. Name two things about Christmas in Israel. You may have to look in packages to find Israel.

11. Your group should take this Christmas quiz. Write finished when finished.

12. Name one furby fact. (You'll find this in the middle school age link.)

13. Write down a way that Merry Christmas is said in another language.

14. What time is it in a country of your choice? Write down the country, the time it is here, and the time it is there.

15.What's the weather in the North Pole?

16. Name one way that Mexico celebrates Christmas.

17. Write down a Christmas tradition of France.

18. Write down where Planet Christmas is located. Write city and state.

19. Just look around here and enjoy. When you've finished, then write a complete sentence about what your group liked best about this link.

20. We have looked at propaganda techniques. Now look at what is accurate information about some Christmas products. What's a good educational toy that you could purchase this year?

21. You can look around here, also. Then write which picture you would like to color?

22. Now write down the book that you would most like to read.

23. Write down a fact that you learned while visiting the Christmas with Virtual Finland link.

24. Read the legend of the first Christmas tree lights. Scroll all the way down and click on Christmas legends for this explanation. Write "read it and enjoyed it" when finished for the answer to #24.

25. Take a virtual field trip through Christmas in the niffy 50's. How much was a stamp then?

26. Listen to a song at this link.

27. Ask Holly something. Write down the question you asked so we won't forget.

28. What a neat poem! Read the poem and now write what Christmas means to you with the ABC's.

29. Read at least 3 of the Christmas haiku poems. Try your luck. See what you can come up with.

30. Look around here and let your teacher know that you are finished with the scavenger hunt.


If you visit here and participate in our scavenger hunt, please email me and let me know what you liked best.

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and have a.................

Merry Christmas!