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Bridges to tomorrow. bridges to discovery. "Don't burn any bridges behind you." bridges are all around us, in our world and in our language. This page will prepare you to understand bridge building. We will explore bridges throughout the world, types of bridges, the mathematics of bridge building, and how to construct a bridge yourself. use the links below to guide you through this process.

Let's look first at some of the bridges found around the world.

World's Largest Bridges

Bridges of San Francisco Bay

Exploratorium Cam of the Golden Gate Bridge: Live Video of the Golden Gate Bridge


The High-Rise Pages

Covered Bridges

NOVA Online: Super Bridge

next here are some sites that show the types of bridges and the physics (a special type of physical science) that makes them work!

Bridge Related Link

Newton's Apple Bridge Building

Physics On-Line

How Things Work

Learn Physics Today


now look at some sites for bridge construction.

Put Your Truss In Building Bridges

High School Bridge Building Page

Ottawa High School Bridge Project

Mr. Lewis's Bridge Projects

London Bridge Competition

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