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Business Letters Unit


Day 6 Activity 6

1. Students will become familiar with business letters and the difference between a business letter and friendly letter.
2. Students will know how to address an envelope for sending business mail.

Procedure: Students will work from a format and prepare a sample business letter. Parts of that business letter will be discussed. Different formats of typed business letters will be discussed.

Here is the form that will be used:

4 blank lines from top of page

(Heading )
skip line

(Inside Address/address to recipient)
1 blank line
Dear Sir or Madam: (Salutation or Greeting)
1 blank line(Body)

Please send me any information that is available on the events in (City name) during the month of June. My mother, father, brother, and I plan to visit the area and will also need a list of accommodations and restaurants. Sometimes we camp if there is a nearby campground. Please supply this information, also. Directions to places and maps of the area would be helpful.
1 blank line
Do you have a web site where I might learn more about your city?
1 blank line
I will appreciate any pamphlets or information sheets that you could send me along with the activities, accommodations, and their directions to help us plan a fun and meaningful vacation.
1 blank line

Very truly yours, (Closing)

3 blank lines for your handwritten (Signature)

(Your Name)

Now students will discuss possible business letters that they may want or need to write in the future. Envelopes will be prepared during this class, also.

Day 7- Activity 7

Goal: To write a business letter to a place of interest in Tennessee that is located on the Internet.

Instructional Objectives: The student will:

  1. Determine a city of interest with varying populations.
  2. Locate the address for the Chamber of Commerce in the city.
  3. Locate the address of a regional tourism association.
  4. Word process a letter to the city of interest.

Instructional Considerations: This is a 50 minute English class.

Procedure: Discuss business letters - the why and how. How do they look? How do they differ from friendly letters.

Set: Yesterday, we looked at a sample business letter asking for information about your town. Now, imagine that you would write to a city of your choice.

Instructional Strategies: The teacher will:

  1. Lead a discussion about finding information on the Internet.
  2. Teacher will supervise the students as they search for addresses and populations.
  3. Lead the students by developing their business letter.
  4. Guide the students in the full block format for word processing their letters

Materials and Media: Each student uses a PC with Word (Office 2000).

Student Practice: The students will:

  1. Participate in class discussion
  2. Select a location of interest to write requesting information
    State parks
    Federal parks
    Past presidents
    Elvis Presley
    Tennesee Valley Authority
    Japanese influence in Tennessee

Supplemental Activities: The students will:

  1. Explore the populations of the cities in Tennessee.
  2. Explore the different events and attractions that are available.
  3. Look at the Internet site for our local Chamber of Commerce.

For Reteaching: The students will:

  1. Mail their letters of information request.
  2. Review different letter styles for business letters.
  3. Review different word processing techniques.

Helpful Web Site:
State of Tennessee web site

Closure: "What location did you choose to know more about" (response) "You are a great class! Can you always find your answer on the first search?" (response) "I am pleased with your tenacity in searching and with your letters of request. Please bring 33 cents for your stamps so that we can mail your letters by the end of the week. Tomorrow we will type your letters using the modified block style."

The Business letters will be placed in the students' portfolios. Again, after days of practice, students will choose of the their favorite business letters to share with the class.

Day 8 - Activity 8 Typing a Business Letter and addressing an envelope

Some students will be typing while others use previously taught knowledge and address their letters. Some students will be helping others finish up their letters.

Day 9 - Activity 9

Objective:Students will be able to construct a business letter with an accompaning envelope. They will be able to explain the rules regarding the structure of both the letter and envelope.

Anticipatory Set:

I will bring to class my pet goldfish and allow the bowl to sit on my desk during class. I will explain that it is about to run out of food, also I cannot reach my supplier by phone. This will demonstrate the necessity for letter writing.

Instructional Activities:

Evaluation and Closure:

Bring back a little food and the goldfish. Have the students turn in finished products, the business letter and envelope, for the final grade. It will be evaluated by using the rubric for business letters.

Day 10-Activity 10

Evaluation and conclusion of lesson


Visit the Rubrics that will be used for evaluation.

Please visit the Student Gallery for original student letters.

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