Class Survey / Graph

Subject Area: Math, Computer
Grade Level: 6th-8th Grade
Software Program: Excel
Equipment Needed:
  • Computer(s)
  • Clip art files (optional)


Time Required: One 40 minute session
Student Instructions:
1) Choose a topic like: class pets, favorite food, color of eyes, favorite color, etc.
2) Survey your class and collect the data.
3) Enter the data into Excel (Put the names of items on the top row, and put the number of students in the second row.)
4) Click, hold down mouse button, and drag to highlight all cells with information.
5) Pull down the Insert menu, click on chart to make a chart.
6) Decide what kind of chart you want. (A bar graph usually works best for a survey.)
7) Click OK.
8) Click next and next and then finish.
9) Double click on the chart go make changes and/or to add labels.

  Content Based Web Site Rubric
1 2 3 4
Layout/ Design   Chart is unattractive or inappropriate. Text is difficult to read. Backgrounds and graphics are distracting. Chart appears busy or boring. Text may be difficult to read. Backgrounds and graphics are somewhat distracting. The chart is eye-catching and attractive. Text is easy to read. The backgrounds are subtle and appropriate. Chart is creatively designed with text in tables. Graphics and backgrounds enhance the page.
Information   Information is poorly written, inaccurate, or incomplete. Some information is provided, but is limited or inaccurate. Information is well written and interesting to read. Information is accurate and complete, is creatively written, and is cleverly presented.
Keys / Legends   The user may become lost; legends may be missing or inaccurate. Chart is confusing. Legend or keys may be mislabled. Chart has a key or legend that is appropriate, but could be more attractive or lend more information. Chart has interesting and complete key or legend. It adds to the credibility or the chart.
Title/Labels   Only one source for information is used. Title may be missing. Information mislabled or missing. Inaccurate titles or lables. Title and labels correct, but could be improved with some thought of placement or font. Title is correct. Titles and lables attractive. Both titles and labels add something to the chart.
Following Classroom Guidelines   Students are often out of their area without permission and are disruptive to the class. Students occasionally leave area without permission. Students stay in their area and talk quietly to their own partner only. Students are always on task, stay in their own area, and work quietly.