Lesson 26


Your exploration of poetry is almost complete. Let's add a new component, music. Visit the link to Bob Dylan's song "Blowin' in the Wind" (See Lesson 2). First, read the words. Listen to the words and the music (This is available on MacMillan/McGraw-Hill CD collection "Share the Music"). Notice how the lyrics relate to the sound of the instrumental melody. Do you see how the two elements blend together and create a whole new composition that is better because of the blending?


Assignment: Compose a set of original lyrics to the tune of one of your favorite songs. Be sure to match the flow of your new lyrics to the flow of the melody in the original tune. Try to match the mood and tone of the music to the mood and tone of your lyrics. For example: the high point of your lyric should relate to the most intense part of the melody. Use the optic camera (or a camcorder and the Snappy attachment) and let your teacher save it on the computer. Then your whole class will have a music video!!



Lyrical Lessons