Dee Dee Jonrowe

By: Chelsea

Dee Dee was born on December 20, 1953 in Frankfort, Germany.  Because of her father being in the army she moved a lot..  She was brought to Alaska when she was in high school.  As a child, and adult, she had many pets, a cat, dogs, a horse.  She had tons of guinea pigs that she played with like they were Barbie dolls.  She also had a younger sister named Linda.

Dee Dee studied wildlife management at the University of Alaska, Fairbanks.  She was first introduced to Iditarod sledding in 1978 by seeing Rick Swenson win the Iditarod.  Her husband Mike Jonrowe married her in 1977.  They collected up to 25 dogs and then Dee Dee started racing.  Her closest to 1st place was 2nd in 1993.  Quoting Dee Dee,'' It's my goal to always do better.  Only one spot in the standings would allow me to say I had done better - first place."

Iditarod Classics (Lew Freedman)

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