First String Theory Win the BBL Party Cup!

This year’s BBL Summer games pitted “First String Theory” (Laura, Marlene, and Ovi) against “The Iron (IV) Maidens” (Meagan, Alex, Sara, and Victoria) for the coveted BBL Party Cup. On the hottest day of the year, the teams raced all over campus and downtown to solve clues and take the most creative photos at Knoxville landmarks and establishments. Meanwhile the boss sat in a comfy, air conditioned armchair receiving and scoring photos via text message. Teams were awarded bonuses for style and speed, and the best photo of the day won a cash prize! Here are some of the highlights:















Marlene and Laura shoot the cover for their upcoming rap album at The Rock.


Alex and Meagan find some inner peace at 2nd creek. Namaste!



The Iron (IV) Maidens stop for a few essentials at Mast General Store
Getting a little cocky! First String Theory take their time with a drink at The Peter Kern Library.
Iron (IV) Maidens win the style bonus points AND they win the prize for Best Overall Photo with this one that ask’s King Seti II “What’s in the booooooxxxx??!!”
First String Theory are the first to find the boss hiding in the corner of Downtown Grill & Brewery, earning them first-to-finish bonus points


And the BBL Party Cup goes to….

In a nail-biter finish, First String Theory won the BBL Summer Games with a score of 75 – 71, becoming the third annual recipients of the BBL Party Cup. The whole lab convened at The Downtown Grill & Brewery to celebrate the closing ceremonies of the BBL Summer Games (a.k.a. happy hour). Iron (IV) Maidens are currently plotting their revenge for the upcoming BBL Winter Games.