Baker Lab members become ORNL-CNMS users

The Baker Bioanalysis Lab is outfitted for photolithography and microfabrication down to about 2 μm, but what do you do when you want to go even smaller? At The University of Tennessee, we’re lucky to be close by, and have an excellent relationship with, Oak Ridge National Laboratory (ORNL). The Center for Nanophase Material Science (CNMS) is a world-class nanofabrication laboratory and user facility operated by ORNL. CNMS has unparalleled facilities for the fabrication and characterization of nanomaterials and nanosystems, including new nm-scale 3D printing technologies. If you can imagine it at the nanoscale, CNMS facilities can probably produce it! That’s why we’re so excited to have two approved CNMS user proposals, each focused on different approaches to producing nm-scale droplet emulsions for bioanalytical applications. Today, Laura and Meagan, along with our friend Amber Moody from the Sharma Lab, began our work as CNMS users with an introductory tour of the clean room facilities. We’re grateful for our collaboration with CNMS staff scientist Nick Lavrik, and we’re looking forward to the science we’ll accomplish together.

Laura, Meagan, and Amber learn about CNMS’s chemical and physical vapor deposition capabilities during their clean room orientation.