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Welcome to my homepage. I am a human health and environmental risk assessor at the University of Tennessee. My work is supported by grants and awards through The Institute for Environmental Modeling in the Department of Ecology & Evolutionary Biology. One of my premier projects is The Risk Assessment Information System (RAIS).

My professional mission statement is "Apply risk management practices to ensure implementation of effective and innovative environmental restoration techniques at hazardous waste sites through the development of risk assessment models and establishment of national guidance and policy."

My work with Superfund, developing national guidance and policy, through computational websites, helps me be an effective risk assessor when doing site assessments or reviewing the work of others. Particularly, my involvement with the Regional Screening Levels for chemicals (RSL), the Vapor Intrusion Screening Levels for chemicals (VISL), and multiple Preliminary Remediation Goal (PRG) websites for radionuclides keeps my work state of the art.

My particular focus is on environmental exposure assessment and developing models useful for assessment of non-environmental media. Recently I was able to assist Annetta Watson, of ORNL, in developing screening levels for chemical warfare agents on surfaces in airports. This resulted in two recent publications in a special issue of Human and Ecological Risk Assessment: An International Journal:

Developing Health-Based Pre-Planning Clearance Goals for Airport Remediation Following Chemical Terrorist Attack: Introduction and Key Assessment Considerations and Developing Health-Based Pre-Planning Clearance Goals for Airport Remediation Following a Chemical Terrorist Attack: Decision Criteria for Multipathway Exposure Routes. These are open access articles with commentaries by Doull and Callahan.

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