tennessee         PhD, UCSB (2016)
        BS, University of Washington (2011)
        BA, Whitman College (2011)


Contact Information

Department of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science         
University of Tennessee
Email: dwilso81@utk.edu
Tel: +1 (425) 736-4409

Research Interests

isostables Medical applications of dynamical systems
Model reduction techniques for nonlinear systems
Dynamics of limit cycle oscillators
Noisy systems
Optimal control techniques
Applications of Neuroscience and Cardiology

Multiple Graduate Student Research Assistant Positions are Avaliable

(Please see flyer for details)

Video from Recent Talks

  • Control and Modulation of Neural and Motor Systems, September 11-15 2017, Mathematical Biosciences Institute, Ohio State University. "Clustered Desynchronization from High Frequency Deep Brain Stimulation "
  • UCSB Research Mentorship Program Mentorship

  • Student: Peter Wu - Efficient Networks for Synchronization of Neural Populations (Summer 2015)
  • Student: John Christian Liang - Computational Model Analysis of Deep Brain Stimulation (Summer 2014)
  • Student: Sam Gersho - GPU Computing for Neural Populations (Summer 2013)