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Remote Controlled TEM

Most features of our transmission electron microscope Zeiss Libra 200 MC can be controlled remotely. In fact high resolution imaging, conventional imaging, diffraction and electron energy-loss spectroscopy can be done quite routinely online.

Below video instructions for the different steps in operating the TEM are compiled

Video Instruction

  • You will need ``Teamviewer`` installed before you start. Before the session you will receive a session number and a password for your session.
  • To control the TEM remotely you will need three programs running at the imaging computer:
    • Digital Micrograph
    • Live Central 2
    • Remote Desktop
  • Once all necessary Programs are running we can start controling the TEM by making sure everything is in the standard condition.
  • With the electron beam visible and a sample location determined, we can proceed to the basic alignment.

  • Now, we switch to Digital Micrograph and acquire an image.

  • For High Resolution Phase Contrast Imaging we need to change illumination index and magnification. The astigmatism has to be corrected with the help of the Fourier Transform of an image with amorphous component.

Remote Lab

Work with Contrast Transfer Function and determine accurate focus steps.


Dr. John Dunlap, Facility Manager

Dr. Gerd Duscher, Facility Director