• Mairead Montague - President

    Mairead is a first year graduate student in the NE department. She earned her undergraduate degree in nuclear engineering from UC Berkeley where she worked on neutron spectra characterization at LBNL. Mairead has interned with Frammatome in their Codes and Analysis group, ORAU with their health physics group, and presently, her research is in photonuclear cross section measurements for commercial code development. She spends her free time listening to podcasts and feeding her coffee addiction. You can contact her at mmontag1@vols.utk.edu.

  • Sean Alcorn - Vice President

    Sean is a first year nuclear engineering Ph.D student from Nashville, TN. His research passions involve anything that includes nuclear detectors or security, and his current research revolves around developing a new type of nuclear detector system. As the Vice-President, his ambition is to revitalize UT's Student Chapter and connect as many students to professionals in the field of nuclear materials, safeguards, and security as he can! Make sure to email him if you have any questions or cool ideas! You can contact him at salcorn@vols.utk.edu.

  • Nate Howard - Secretary

    We're waiting for Nate to write something great about himself.

  • Alex Kincaid - Treasurer

    We're also waiting for Alex to write something nice about himself.

  • Landry Well - Social Media Coordinator

    Landry is a first-year undergraduate at the University of Tennessee planning to major in nuclear engineering. His interests include nuclear thermal propulsion and applications for nuclear fuel materials. Make sure to follow "@INMM_UTK" on Instagram to stay connected!

  • Dean Forrest - Webmaster

    Dean Forrest is a first-year undergraduate majoring in nuclear engineering. Dean has worked under Howard Hall's research group researching a novel method to quickly characterize uranium isotopes. He also has a background in computer programming and server stack management.

  • Dr. Jason Hayward - Faculty Advisor

    Jason Hayward, UCOR Fellow, is an Associate Professor of Nuclear Engineering at the University of Tennessee. Hayward holds joint faculty appointments with Oak Ridge National Laboratory and the joint UTK-ORNL Bredesen Center for Interdisciplinary Research. He also serves as the Nuclear Engineering Graduate Program Chair and as the Deputy Executive Director for the Nuclear Science and Security Consortium. Hayward is the recipient of a DOE Science CAREER award. ASEE has also recognized him with a New Faculty Research Award and as a ‘faculty under forty’ highlight. At UTK, he’s the recipient of a University Citation for Professional Promise in Research and Creative Achievement and a four time recipient of research awards in the College of Engineering. Hayward is an IEEE Senior Member and an Associate Editor for IEEE Transactions on Nuclear Science. He holds a PhD in Nuclear Engineering and Radiological Sciences from the University of Michigan. Prior to his time in academia, Hayward served as a U.S. Naval Officer for eight years. You can contact him at jhayward@utk.edu.