Current group members

Yanhong Gu
postdoctoral research associate
Raman scattering spectroscopy to reveal symmetry, lifetimes, and phase transition mechanisms in quantum materials

Kevin Smith
postdoctoral research associate
Chalcogenides in high magnetic fields and synchrotron-based spectroscopy of ferroelectrics under pressure

Avery Blockmon
graduate student
Decoherence pathways in molecular spin q-bit materials, high field polarization of chiral magnets, and magnetic circular dichroism of linear chain quantum magnets

Kiman Park
graduate student
Non-reciprocal directional dichroism, magnetoelectric coupling in high magnetic fields, and structure-property relations in 4- and 5d-containing multiferroics

Luther Langston
graduate student
Thermodynamics of metal nanoparticles on oxide surfaces + topotactic reactions of chalcogenides under pressure.

Ashley Glover
graduate student
Near field infrared spectroscopy of domain walls and single sheet materials.

Brian Taylor
graduate student
Chalcogenide nanotubes under pressure.

Sambridhi Shah
graduate student
Complex chalcogenides under pressure.

Dylan Andrews
undergraduate student
Thermal properties of quantum materials.