Job openings

Postdoctoral research associates:

I am happy to work with any applicant interested in applying for external funding to support a visit to our lab. In the past, we have had success with the NATO/NSF and DFG postdoctoral fellowship programs. Applicants must be interested in pursuing projects on the spectroscopy of quantum materials. Please contact Professor Musfeldt to discuss opportunities.

Graduate research assistants:

Our research area is experimental solid state and materials chemistry. We employ a variety of spectroscopic methods to reveal and control the properties of quantum materials. External stimuli are used to tune these properties in order to explore new physical phenomena and uncover properties of technological relevance. Current research directions include (i) understanding coupling processes in multiferroic oxides, (ii) functionality from enhanced spin-orbit coupling in 4- and 5d-containing materials, (iii) phase diagrams and properties of molecule-based multiferroics, (iv) complex chalcogenides under pressure and in the single layer limit, and (v) unveiling the response of nanoscale materials and defect structures.

We have active collaborations at Brookhaven National Laboratory, Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory, the National High Magnetic Field Magnet Lab in TLH and LANL, and Oak Ridge National Laboratory. These associations allow access instrumentation beyond what tends to be available in a single investigator lab. We also interact with a number of materials growth, theory, and device teams and have extensive international ties. These collaborations provide graduate students with important educational opportunities.

Application materials for the University of Tennessee's graduate program in Chemistry can be found on the departmental web site. Current Tennessee graduate students interested in our research should reach out to Professor Musfeldt. We also accept students from the Physics and Materials Science departments.

Undergraduate research:

From time to time, we select a small number of undergraduates to participate in on-going research projects. Please contact Professor Musfeldt if you are interested in this opportunity.