Recent articles

  1. "Real space infrared spectroscopy of ferroelectric domain walls in multiferroic h-(Lu,Sc)FeO3", K. A. Smith, S. P. Ramkumar, K. Du, X. Xu, S. -W. Cheong, S. N. Gilbert Corder, H. A. Bechtel, E. A. Nowadnick, and J. L. Musfeldt, ACS Applied Materials and Interfaces 15, 7562 (2023). This work was selected as an ALS LBNL highlight.

  2. "Vibronic relaxation pathways in molecular spin qubit Na9[Ho(W5O18)2].35H2O under pressure", J. L. Musfeldt, Z. Liu, D. Lopez-Alcala, Y. Duan, A. Gaita-Arino, J. J. Baldovi, and E. Coronado, Magnetochemistry 9, 53 (2023).

  3. "Insulator-metal transition in CrSiTe3 triggered by structural distortion under pressure", J. L. Musfeldt, D. G. Mandrus, and Z. Liu, npj 2D Materials and Applications 7, 28 (2023). This work was selected as an NSLS II BNL highlight.

  4. "Spin-phonon interactions, frustration, and magnetoelectric coupling in Co4Nb2O9 and the Ta analog", K. Park, J. Kim, S. Choi, S. Fan, C. Kim, D. G. Oh, N. Lee, S. -W. Cheong, V. Kiryukhin, Y. J. Choi, D. Vanderbilt, J. H. Lee, and J. L. Musfeldt, Applied Physics Letters 122, 182902 (2023).

  5. "Origin and stability of the charge density wave in ScV6Sn6", Y. Gu, E. Ritz, W. R. Meier, A. Blockmon, K. A. Smith, R. Pokharel-Madhogaria, S. Mozaffari, D. Mandrus, T. Birol, and J. L. Musfeldt, submitted, npj Quantum Materials.

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