Nuclear Physics Seminar, Fall 2022
Physics 599: Seminars in Nuclear Physics

Place: Perkins 216
Time: Mondays at 1:50-2:40PM
Chair: Thomas Papenbrock

Date Speaker Title
Aug-29 Augusto Macchiavelli, ORNL Weak binding effects in nuclear structure: 40Mg and the Kerman problem in the continuum
Sep-12 Robert Grzywacz, UTK FRIB Decay Station Initiator (FDSi) - first experiments
Sep-19 Kavish Imam, UTK Measurement of neutron polarization and transmission for the nEDM@SNS experiment
Sep-26 Hitesh Rahangdale, UTK Beta-neutrino correlation coefficient measurements in neutron and nuclear beta decay
Oct-03 Thomas Papenbrock, UTK Trends in computing nuclei
Oct-10 Rajesh Ghimire, UTK Constraining the 30P(p,γ)31S reaction using 30P(d,pγ)31P with GODDESS
Oct-17 Jens Dilling, ORNL Precision mass measurement of radioactive isotopes in nuclear physics
Oct-24 Dieter Ackermann, GANIL Superheavy nuclei and other exotics – opportunities and challenges at SPIRAL2 and S3
Toño Coello, ORNL Adiabatic state preparation with custom quantum gates
Nov-07 Chanhee (Ben) Kim, Sungkyunkwan University Machine Learning of R-Matrix Phenomenology
Nov-14 Town Hall meeting at ANL
Nov-21 Bijaya Acharya, ORNL Reduced Order Emulation of Nuclear Electroweak Cross Sections
Dec-05 Zhonghao Sun, ORNL Precise and reliable calculations of exotic nuclei