JMP Tutorial:
Matched Pair t Procedures

Click the link below and save the following JMP file to your Desktop:

Now go to your Desktop and double click on the JMP file you just downloaded.
This action will start JMP and display the content of this file:

We will create a column called "Improvement", which is Posttest - Pretest.
Click on the Cols menu, go to New Columns....  Type Improvement in the Column Name text box. Then, click the black down arrow next to Column Properties, and pull to Formula.

You should now see:

Click the Posttest column, then the minus sign in the collection of buttons:

Then click the Pretest column.
You should see:

Click OK, then OK again.
You now see:

Now, using the column Improvement, follow instruction in the One-Sample t Test tutorials to produce confidence intervals and/or do hypothesis tests.

(Based on JMP Pro 16.0.0   Revised 7/6/2021)