Gilbert Group

About This Site

The Creators

This website was created in collaboration with a student in Computer Science at the Tickle College of Engineering. All images on this site were from within the group and are property of Dr. Dustin Gilbert.

This website was made by Noah Hobson, a fourth-year student at UTK as of Fall 2020. He began work at the lab in Spring 2020. The project began in August of 2019 and was a joint effort with Dr. Dustin Gilbert to provide images and information on the site. Any info is subject to change as group members join or leave, and in light of any new or undergoing research at JIAM.

Website Policy

This site was made to inform readers of the Gilbert Group's contributions at JIAM. Any information within this site is free to use by the GNU Public License, but is limited to the same limitations imposed by The University of Tennessee's System-wide Policy BT0024 on Patents, Copyrights, and Other Intellectual Property. General UI icons were taken or modified from The Noun Project.