Advanced Materials and Manufacturing

Gilbert Group


The Advanced Materials and Manufacturing cluster focuses on studying new ways of using previously unexplored scientific phenomenon. The Gilbert Group narrows that focus down to magnetism, finding new and interesting ways of exploiting electromagnetism in future electronics. Dr. Dustin Gilbert leads the group of students from the University of Tennessee, Knoxville, some of the best minds from both undergraduates and post-graduate students at the Tickle College of Engineering.

A picture of our lab, performing an experiment at NIST on the NG7 SANS instrument, in August of 2019. Left to right: Namila Liyanage, Nan Tang, Julie Borchers, Lisa Debeer-Schmidt, Dustin Gilbert, James Lee, Alex Grutter, Liz Quigley, and Brian Maranville

Current News:

(07/2023)Sorry! I have been bad about updating our news! Nan graduated in May and is now working at Western Digital! Namila is graduating in July and will be working at First Solar! In the interim we also had an amazing postdoc (Corisa) for ~8 months, she is now at Northrop! We are very excited for them all! We have a new Ph.D. student (Charlotte) who started with us during the summer of 2023 and we are looking forward to working with her! Nan's last paper, focusing on dynamic spin wave fractals in skyrmion lattices was accepted and is about to be published in Advanced Materials!

(06/2021)Dustin just finished an exciting two weeks as an instructor at Governor's School - a summer intensive, emmersive educational school for pre-college students focused on the Sciences and Engineering! See more details here

(06/2021)Our graduate researcher Cameron was awarded two amazing awards: First, he will spend the next year working at ORNL under a SCGSR fellowship, Second, Cameron has been identified by the UTK Chancelor and will be a Chancelor's Fellow! Fantastic work Cameron!

(05/2021)We wish to reach out and congratulate our two amazing undergraduate researchers, Liz and Noah, on graduating! Both of them will be starting graduate school (in MSE and EECS) at Purdue in the Fall!

(08/2020)We have received a grant to promote collaboration between UTK and ORNL, developing multicomponent alloys for biomedical applications!

(08/2020)We are mentoring a team of four senior undergraduate MSE students in completing their senior design project. This work is associated with our NSF grant and will see students investigating the material science paradigm as it relates to making respirators and filters addressing the Coronavirus pandemic!

(08/2020)Welcome back to school Students of The University of Tennessee!!! Stay Safe and Healthy!!! As a face-to-face instructor, we will get through this together!!!

(08/2020)I have been asked to be the faculty advisor for the University of Tennessee chapter of the Society for Hispanic Professional Engineers! I am exceited to be engaged with these talented, motivated students and their fantastic organization!

(06/2020)We have been awarded a RAPID Grant from the National Science Foundation to develop self-sanitizing and recyclable respirators in response to the COVID-19 pandemic. This work will be done in collaboration with Dr. Tom Denes from UTK Food Science and Dr. Anne Murray. Graduate student Cameron Jorgensen will be leading this effort.

(06/2020) We have been awarded a DOE Career Award, under the title "Exotic Uses of Neutrons and X-rays as Probes for Chiral Magnets". Graduate Students Namila Liyanage and Nan Tang will be taking lead.

(04/2020) New collaborative work from within UTK, investigating the enigmatic properties of high entropy oxides. Also see here

(04/2020) New collaborative publication, investigating magnetic anisotropy in 2D magnets found at oxide interfaces

(10/2019) The first paper from our lab is out! Working with researchers from UCSD, SPAWAR, ORNL, and NIST, we stabalized skyrmions in thin films at ambient conditions