Gilbert Group

We try to have some fun when there is time :-)

Lisa came out to help us with our neutron data! We had group lunch from the local taco truck :-)
Nan, Namila and I having an evening overlooking Burbon St., New Orleans, at MMM 2022
Liz and Noah were back in Knoxville for the holidays, so they came over with Nan and we had Fondue!
On our way to APS 2022 (Chicago) we stopped by Purdue to have lunch with Liz and Noah
Liz and Noah, two of our undergraduate researchers, graduated this year and got married! Our lab was honored to join in this joyous event! We are so excited for them and wish them the best to them as they depart our lab, starting a new life together!
Celebrating the end of the 2021 school year! It was challenging due to the pandemic, but we made it throught! We also had so much to be excited about: Our undergraduates graduating, getting maried and starting their Ph.D. Programs at Purdue, graduate students having new children, Gilbert expecting! It was an amazing year, brought to a close with an amazing lab feast!
The lab celebrating Memorial Day 2020 with burgers, sausages, ribs, slaw, beans, and apple pie
Nan, Namila and Dustin in Las Vegas for the 2019 MMM Conference!

Lisa and Dustin at the National Air and Space Museum and Natural History Museum, during a break from SANS measurements at NIST (Nan, Namila, James and Liz not shown)

Lab dinner at JD's Famous Foods (NIST Beam Time)
Dustin and John's Labs having Pre-Thanksgiving Meal at Dustin's House (November 2019)
Appreciation lunch after our first Super Group Meeting, 07/17/2020