Iwona Abrams
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Portfolio Presentation: “Drawn Prints and Printed Drawings”

For this portfolio presentation I will exhibit my own work and that of printmaking students at the Royal College of Art, where I have been teaching since 2002. I propose to ask is disarmingly simple question: How do artists printmakers use drawing now? Drawing has played a significant role in printmaking since it’s beginning and has been exploited in countless different ways. Despite, or perhaps because of, its longevity, and working now within new technologies, drawing remains instrumental in artistic development of many artists printmakers. It appears that drawing is again a preeminent medium particularly for those printmakers who specifically embrace its flexibility and economy of means. I propose to examine drawing’s enduring significance for all manner of printmaking projects.

The overall research question is: Has there been a change in the way the medium of drawing is used in print? Further specific questions are related to the artist’s practice. How has the development of new print technologies affected the use of drawing in printmaking? Are there any changes and shifts in the relationships between the drawing and print? Does drawing attract printmakers with specific individual characteristics and sensitivities? Are there cultural commonalties and differences in the way drawing plays its role in printmaking? Is drawing a “common ground” for bringing together the sub-disciplines and subgroups of the printmaking community?

In my approach to making prints I hope to contribute to the wider research questions exploring issues around the changing role of drawing and its value as a cross point between disciplines. Artists have always sought to work against restrictions imposed by different genre and media. My work investigates the diffusion of boundaries and cross-pollination between the media of drawing and printmaking.  

IWONA ABRAMS is an artist and Visiting Lecturer at the Royal College of Art, London. Born in Poland, since 1988 has lived and worked in United Kingdom. Abrams studied at the Krakow Academy of Fine Arts, Poland (1982-1987), where she received her Master of Arts Degree with distinction. She continued her studies in United Kingdom at postgraduate level, first at Central St. Martin’s School of Art and Design, London (1990-1992), followed by her Master of Arts Degree in the School of Communication Art and Design at the Royal College of Art, London (1995-1997). Iwona Abrams has lectured in art and design colleges since 1999, including: The Arts Institute at Bournemouth, London College of Printing and Kent Institute of Art and Design. Since 2002 Abrams has been teaching at the Drawing Research Studio, Royal College of Art, London. Abrams’ work as a lecturer is closely linked to her personal and research practice, which encompasses several activities including printmaking, graphic art and design, publishing and exhibiting. She worked as a Senior Designer for electronic publishing company SilverPlatter Inc, Oxford, UK and Boston (MA), USA. Her graphic work was published among others by: Vintage, Women’s Press, Cambridge University Press, Heinemann International, Icon Books, The Sunday Times Magazine, GQ, The Observer, The Economist, Spero Communications. Iwona has exhibited widely throughout the world including: The David Hockney Gallery, RCA, London; Zacheta Gallery of Contemporary Art, Warsow, Poland; BWA Gallery of Contemporary Art, Katowice, Poland; Clink Wharf Gallery, London; Bunkier Sztuki Contemporary Art Gallery, Krakow, Poland; Rotermann Salt Storage Arts Centre, Tallinn, Estonia; Gibsone Jessop Gallery, Toronto, Canada. She took part in several international conferences and art competitions. Her contributions include 2nd Impact Conference in Helsinki - 2001 and 2nd International Art Meeting - Katowice ‘98. Recently Iwona was an award winner at the Krakow International Print Triennial 2003.