Alessandra Angelini
Professor Printmaking
Accademia di Belle Arti, Venezia
Via Kennedy 14
27021 Bereguardo (Pavia) Italy
Tel/Fax: 0039 0382 92 87 83

Portfolio Presentation: "Dado a Punte"

I am presenting a limited edition book, titled “ Dado a Punte” which was printed as a collaborative project with the Suisse poet Gilberto Isella. This book-object represents a conceptual interpretation of the poems. The cover of the book is designed using an embossed and screenprinted paper contained in a clear Perspex case as a part of its individual form. The printing techniques used include blind embossing, dry point, burin engraving, etching, aquatint, silk screen for golden leaf and letterpress typography for the text.  The book was first exhibited in 2003 at the Center Cultural Switzerland – Milan, and then traveled to the RIVA 1920 CENTRE, Cantù, Italy. It has also been acquired by the Museo Cantonale, Lugano, Switzerland, Museo Villa dei Cedri, Bellinzona, Switzerland, and Raccolta delle Stampe Antiche e Moderne Achille Bertarelli, Milano, Italia.

ALESSANDRA ANGELINI was born in Parma in 1953. After completing her classical studies she graduated in painting at the Brera Accademy of Fine Art, Milano, with a thesis about the relationship between Music and Painting. She is currently holding the chair of Engraving Techniques at the Academy of Fine Arts in Venice for which she has presented the project entitled “Experimental Languages of the Original Print”. In collaboration with the Faculty of Photography, she holds a research course dealing with hybrid techniques “FOTO+GRAFIE”. Angelini also teaches courses on color theory and figure drawing for the Department of Education and Culture in Lugano, Swizerland. Throughout her career she has collaborated with many Art Institutions internationally and teaches at all levels. She has regularly been a curator for student and professional exhibitions concerning print, painting, and sculpture. As of October 2005 Alessandra Angelini has become the Head Professor of the Fine art printmaking department at the Brera Academy, Milano.

LEFT: Book – object: “ Dado a Punte”, Case and cover. Cm. 32 x 42. Technical: Blind embossing, sceen printing.Materials: Hand-made paper, Perspex box.
RIGHT: Book – object: “ Dado a Punte”, Inside page. Cm 31 x 41. Techinical: Burin, dry point etching, etching, aquatinte on copper and zinc plate.

Book – object: “ Dado a Punte”, Inside page. Cm 31 x 41. Techinical: Dry point etching, etching, aquatinte on copper and zinc plate and screen printing.