Katarzyna Cepek
Graduate Student - Printmaking
University of Arizona / School of Art
1031 N Olive   Rm. 108
Tucson, AZ 85721

Emily Wilson
5745 N. Camino Esplendora Tucson, AZ 85718
Telephone:  (801)-768-2313  

Exchange Portfolio: “On the Edge” International Portfolio Exchange


1. the line of INTERSECTION between two surfaces

2. the point at which something is likely to BEGIN

3. a provocative or discomforting quality, as from audacity, innovativeness or RISK

4. a rim or brink; VERGE; periphery

5. a dividing line; BORDER.

The twenty international artists participating in the portfolio are invited to reflect on their own interpretations of the theme and asked to consider the formal, artistic, personal, social and/or political aspects of the word “edge”. How can artists integrate the edges of the printing surface/paper to inform the concept of the image? What does it mean for printmaking students to be on the verge of their professional careers? What is the significance of globalization and the disappearance of borders between countries, cultures and ideas? All participants are also encouraged to show “On the Edge” in their respective countries to promote contact between cultures on a global scale.


THEME: Please respond to the theme “On the Edge”

MEDIA: All archival print media acceptable

PAPER: All 100% rag papers acceptable. 

PAPER SIZE: The print size is 11” x 14” and there will be a total of twenty images in the portfolio.  (Please be careful to contain paper within those dimensions whether folded or flat, to make sure they fit nicely in the portfolio boxes and for the sake of consistency.)

FORMAT: Horizontal or vertical

SLIPSHEETS: For protection of individual prints, glassine must be folded over each print and fit the size of the prints exactly.

EDITION SIZE: 24 - The prints need to be individually numbered 1/24 through 24/24.

DISTRIBUTION: Each participating artist will receive a complete boxed portfolio of 20 prints. One boxed portfolio pending acceptance in the University of Arizona Museum of Art Print Collection, one boxed portfolio will be donated to the National Museum in Poznan, Poland, and two boxed portfolios will be given to private sponsors of the portfolio. 

DEADLINE: Prints must be received by FRIDAY, JULY 1, 2005

FEES: There are no fees. The portfolio is being sponsored by private collectors. You are responsible for the cost of shipping one way.  There will be no fee for return shipping or portfolio boxes.

RESUME/ARTIST STATEMENT: Included with your prints should be a current Resume and a one-page artist statement. This is a requirement for the museum collection.

TECHNICAL SHEET: Please provide a brief description of your print media and methods.

Lidija Antanasijevic, United Kingdom
Katarzyna Cepek, USA
Todd Christensen, USA
Brian Curling, USA
Matthew Egan, United Arab Emirates  
Naomi Hashimoto, Japan
Heli Kurunsaari, Finland
Enrique Leal, Spain
Jean  Maddison, Canada
Stefania Missio, Italy                 
Rahman Mohamed, Malaysia
Heather Muise, United Arab Emirates
Jan Pamula, Poland
Kathryn Reeves, USA                           
Mike Samuel, New Zealand
Cerese Vaden, USA
Marta Wakula, Ireland
Emily Wilson, USA
Koichi Yamamoto, USA
Thongchai Yukantapornpong, Thailand

KATARZYNA CEPEK is a graduate student in Printmaking at the University of Arizona. She received her BFA in Drawing and Printmaking from Boise State University in 2003. Cepek’s recent exhibitions include "Tuber Manifesto", The Corcoran College of Art and Design, Washington, DC; "Wild West Side Show Adventures", Mangere Community Arts Outreach Gallery, Manukau, New Zealand; and "Blur Purlieu", Mason Gross School of the Arts, New Brunswick, NJ. Her work is also included in several collections including The Corcoran College of Art and Design, Washington, DC, Boise Art Museum, Idaho, University of Mississippi - Oxford, and the Workshop Arts Centre Collection in Willoughby, Australia. Cepek was born in Poland and left her native country at the age of ten. Since her arrival in the United States, she has existed between two cultures. Her art work examines the concept of construction of self through the reconstruction of memory. She draws on childhood recollections as well as family histories to create work that explores her identity as a Polish citizen living indefinitely in America.