Anna Chelminska
ul. Podchorazych 39 m.13
00-723 Warszawa, Poland
Telephone: +48 46 8559031, +48 606 858656

Portfolio Presentation: "Prints using Non-Toxic Intaglio Methods"

This portfolio presentation will survey the possibilities of novel non-toxic intaglio printmaking techniques. These methods are based on using plates laminated with photopolymer film and developed in solution of non-toxic agent. Non-toxic intaglio is safe for natural environment and human health. Therefore, it can be used safely by artists even at home. Non-toxicity of the developing agents allows for introducing the techniques into art education even of children. Artworks presented in the portfolio were made during the workshop in Leiden, the Netherlands in 2004 and in my printmaking studio in Warsaw, Poland.

ANNA CHELMINSKA is a member of The Union of Polish Artists and Designers (ZPAP). She graduated The Academy of Fine Art in Warsaw in 2001. During her study she developed her painting skills in Marian Czapla's, Zbigniew Gostomski's and Krzyszto Wachowiak's studios as well as her printmaking abilities in Irena Snarska's studio. Additionally she was trained by Janusz Petrykowski in painting and drawing, by Edward Tarkowski in studio of wall painting and by Hieronim Neuman in film animation. Anna is an artist uses many techniques, including intaglio printmaking, serigraphy, painting, mosaics, cutout animation and photography. She is also interested in philosophy, art education and criticism. For the past 8 years she have been teaching drawing, painting and printmaking in collaboration with The Effective Action Association. Lately she has focused her interest on non-toxic intaglio printmaking methods. She learned these techniques in Gothenburg in Sweden and improved her skills in Leiden, the Netherlands during a workshop conducted by Henrik Bøegh. Currently Chelminska is cooperating with a group of printmakers from the Netherlands, Italy, Belgium, USA and France working in non-toxic intaglio.