David Ferry
Head of Printmaking
Winchester School of Art, Park Ave,
Winchester, SO23 8DL, United Kingdom   
Telephone: +44-238596985, 
Fax: +44-23859691

Exhibition Statement: “Faces And Places From History”

The tradition of the satirical print is a very rich one, going back hundreds of years. This portfolio contains twenty-five images depicting the “History of England” from the “Stone Age” through to “Queen Victoria.” Revealed, throughout the images and texts is a personal vision, which captures, with the most rigorous and intense historical attention to detail all the important English characters and places from the past. Only by understanding this past can we begin to move forward in the Twenty First Centaury and more importantly, into a greater understanding of a genuine hand knitted quality of life, a life uncomplicated by credit card debt and time share apartment holidays.

The portfolio was created from original photomontage that created an artists bookwork entitled “A picture History of England ….mainly in black and white.” The actual original book which I defiled was published in the year of my birth, entitled `A Picture History of England` and did not include anything about Punk Rock, Charles and Camilla, war in the Falklands, or the beautiful game of football, indeed nothing about the Twentieth Centaury at all.

The resulting images were created on a computer from original photomontage, and printed using a Hewlett Packard 1220 series printer on Fabriano Artistico printmaking paper.

DAVID FERRY was born in Blackpool UK, and studied Printmaking at the Blackpool, Camberwell and Slade Schools of Art in London.  He has exhibited widely, and written, lectured and broadcast on the subject and teaching of Printmaking and also the “Carry On” British comedy films. He has represented England in the Tallinn Triennial of Graphic Art in Estonia (2004), the First and Second International Artists Book Fair in Seoul, Korea (2004/5) where he won the Bronze medal in The International Artists Book Competition, and The Senefelder Stiftung in Frankfurt, Germany (2003). His works are in leading international and corporate collections including, The Art Institute of Chicago, USA, The National Book Arts Collection in Lodz, Poland, The Word and Image Dept of the Victoria and Albert Museum, London, and the Special Books Collection of The Scottish National Gallery of Modern Art. Edinburgh. Corporate collections in the UK include British Airways, The G.E.C. Company, Nuclear Electric Plc, Marconi Instruments, M&S Satachi, Hewlett Packard, Oxford University, Strang Print Collection, University College London and Southampton University. Ferry was the winner of the Pollock/ Krasner Foundation Award, New York, 2002 and was elected a Fellow of the Royal Society of Arts in London in 2001. He was a former Artistic Director of The Curwen Print Study Centre in Cambridge UK, and former Visiting Professor in Fine Art at the Long Island University in New York. Ferry is currently Head of Printmaking at the Winchester School of Art, UK, and an educational consultant to the London Print Workshop.