Wim Habraken and Laura Hoek
Schilderstraat 17a
5211 NB Den Bosch
Telephone: 0736132971

Technical Demonstration: “Extreme Silkscreen Techniques in Art Printing”

Over the last two years we have collaborated closely on a number of printmaking projects. Many different techniques are used in the silkscreen prints of Laura¹s work. In Berlin, our plan is to print images of Dutch cows, in a demonstration of the wide variety and unusual techniques available to the silkscreen printer today. As you can see from our list of methods below, a whole range of different inks will be used. A practical demonstration of their processes and uses will be given, together with a presentation of the artist¹s finished graphic examples.

This demonstration will focus on the principles of industrial techniques, which further open up new potentialities for the artist. Computer software - PhotoShop, will be utilized extensively in this processes, in a manner appropriate to the art. Wim says- “I make PhotoShop do what it has to do for me. In addition, whilst being a new potential for artists, this could also inversely kick-start some interesting new developments for the graphic techniques themselves.”

The following techniques will be demonstrated:
- Thermo-chemical inks, inks that vanish under the influence of heat
- Phosphorescent inks in various colors
- 3-D inks, so-called Foam inks, flock print
- Watercolor inks
- Inks that change under the influence of lights
- Edible inks
- Odor inks
- Foil-on prints
- Combination of inkjet printing, PhotoShop and silkscreen printing

WIM HABRAKEN was one of the founders of ŒGrafischAtelier Den Bosch, a community of printing studio. He is now owner of his own silkscreen printing studio and workshop ŒKurtface, specializing in printing and publishing original silkscreen graphic art. He is also part owner of the graphic art gallery Œ, located down one of the old winding streets in the centre of Œs-Hertogenbosch. Habraken is member of the Textile/Fashion Design staff of Utrecht College of Art. His studio workshop and gallery is a hub of activity, where you can always find apprentices or other young people experimenting with different techniques and learning new skills. He is fully involved in the many facets of developments within the graphic arts and is a keen participant in projects with other artists and art institutions. Habraken has built up a reputation for specializing in the combination of PhotoShop and silkscreen printing. His own work is mostly experimental. His silkscreen prints often include three-dimensional effects, in addition to other extreme applications on wood, metal and glass. His most recent work has involved experimenting with inks influenced by heat. This is a true meeting of technical skill and artistic merit. As a master printer, Habraken’s work is a natural extension of his profession. Even now, with the digital revolution in printing, He is one of the first to make this technique available for the artist and to use this digital process for graphic fine art. Not being afraid of the digi’s, he calls this, “Use it, experiment and turn it to your advantage”.

LAURA HOEK will be Wim Habraken¹s (Kurtface silkscreen printing) helping hand. They were introduced a few years ago, whilst printing a painting of hers. This cooperation went so well, that they decided to experiment further, exploring all kinds of different techniques; even so far as to print images of cow’s heads on pancakes as an installation. Edible art! Laura Hoek graduated from Tilburg Art Academy in 1987 in Photography and textiles. She has worked as an artist since. In her earlier years, she made installations, which were constructed on the spot. During this period, she was also involved in making video-installations and large abstract drawings. In tandem with her work as an artist, she gives art classes for adults and has developed educational projects for children. She has also been asked to set up local community art workshops for Œs-Hertogenbosch. In her paintings and drawings the subject of the possibility (or the impossibility) of merging with another is explored. The individual verses the impulse to herd and disappear within the group; the connection or disconnection of two spheres. Another part of her work concerns the cow’s head paintings. In these portraits of cows, she approaches her works from the other direction. In the Netherlands the ubiquitous cow is everywhere; almost a symbol of the country. With the composition remaining constant, Laura Hoek tries to imbue each portrait with individuality. This is achieved by each piece having a different approach to technique and color. She has exhibited regularly over the past few years. This autumn two exhibitions are planned of her cow’s head paintings in the Netherlands. See her web site: