Lech Majewski
Academy of Fine Arts Warsaw
Ul. Wybreze Kosciuszkowskie 37
00-397 Warsaw, Poland
Telephone: +48-22-625 12 51

Paper: "Three Decades of Posters" (working title)
In this paper I will present a brief overview of my posters over the past three decades and discuss the evolution of my work.

LECH MAJEWSKI was born in 1947, in Olsztyn, Poland. He received his diploma in 1972 from the Academy of Fine Arts in Warsaw where he studied with Professor Henryk Tomaszewski. At present, he is a professor in the same academy and also acts as the President of the Organizing Committee of the International Poster Biennale in Warsaw. Lech works in poster and book design, as well as book illustration. He has presented one-person exhibitions of his work in Brazil, Switzerland, Mexico, Finland, Holland, the Czech Republic, France, Hungary and Poland. Lech has been represented in numerous international poster competitions, including The Polish Poster Biennale in Katowice; The International Poster Biennale in Warsaw; The International Poster Triennial in Toyama; The Poster Biennial in Colorado, USA; The Poster Biennale in Lahti, Finland; The International Poster Biennale in Helsinki; The International Poster Salon in Paris; and The Theatre Poster Biennale in Osnabruck, Germany.  He has lectured and conducted workshops in many universities throughout the world.