Krzysztof Molenda,
Professor ASP
Academy of Fine Arts
Al. Marcinkowskiego 29, 60-967 Poznan, Poland
Phone: +48-61-852-6457
Mobile: +49-606-88-7577

KRZYSTOF MOLENDA was born in Polczyn-Zdroj, Poland in 1959. He completed has studies at the Academy of Fine Arts in Poznan in 1984. During that same year he also completed a three-month student exchange at the Koninklijke Academie voor Kunst en Voormgeving in Hertogenbosch, Holland. Since 1984 he has taught at the Academy of Fine Art in Poznan where he is currently an Associate Professor in the Relief Printing Studio. Molenda also teaches graphic design through the evening school in the academy. He has exhibited his work internationally, and has been a visiting artist at the Alberta College of Art, Calgary, Canada (1990); the University of Vancouver, University of Victoria, Canada (1990); The University of Tennessee (2003); and has participated in workshops and residencies in Canada, the Czech Republic, and Germany.  He is a member of the IMPACT 4 Conference Steering Committee.