Donna Moran
Printmaking Department
Pratt Institute
Brooklyn, New York, USA
16 Holland Terrace
Montclair, NJ 07042
Telephone: 973-783-9744

Portfolio Presentation: “PrattPrintmaker’s: A Presentation of Two Recent Portfolios”

In 2002 the Pratt Institute Printmaking Department revived the practice of creating a “PrattPrintmaker’s Portfolio.” Twelve printmaking faculty and twelve MFA printmaking majors contributed to the first portfolio, which was finished in 2003. Each printmaker contributed an edition of 30 prints. In addition to the artists receiving a portfolio, it is also part of the permanent collection of the Pratt Institute Library, the Office of the President of Pratt Institute, and the New York Public Library

This summer we are in the process of compiling the next portfolio, entitled: Derelicts, Liars and Thieves. Both portfolios exhibit the wide and rich variety of printmaking that is occurring at Pratt Institute. Digital techniques have become a usual part of our lexicon, but there continues to be an explosion of traditional printmaking. These processes, particularly relief printmaking, allow artists to make immediate and direct images in reaction to the social, sexual and societal discourse in the USA. The images in these portfolios retain the printmaker’s traditional ability for pictorial teaching. They exhibit a deep understanding of the whole image - the technical and the content.

Pratt Institute has one of the larger printmaking departments in the United States. Although we have only twelve to fifteen MFA printmaking majors and eight to twelve undergraduate majors each year, students from many departments in the Institute take printmaking classes. All undergraduate communication design and illustration students are required to take two printmaking classes. Because of this practice, many students who would normally not be exposed to the print develop a deep appreciation for the form. Those students, along with our majors are encouraged to participate in our various exhibitions, sales and print swaps. The PrattPrintmaker’s Portfolio is the most formal of our printmaking activities.

DONNA MORAN is a professor and Chair of the Fine Arts Department at Pratt Institute, teaching undergraduate and graduate printmaking. She received her BA from CW Post College and her MFA from Pratt Institute. Her area of specialty in printmaking is silkscreen. Her silkscreens can be found in Waterbased Screenprinting, Stephen Hoskins (A & C Black 2001) and her monoprints in Experimental Printmaking (working title), Jackie Newhouse A & C Black, 2005). She has exhibited nationally and internationally including solo exhibitions in Spain, Peru, Australia, Chicago, New York and New Jersey. Her work is in the permanent collection of the New Jersey State Museum, the Noyes Museum and the New York Public Library. In 2005 she curated a drawing exhibition “Crossing Disciplines-Drawing” at Pratt Institute.