Angela Schröder, Director
Saalpresse Bergsdorf
Dorfstraße 82
16775 Bergsdorf - Berlin
Telephone; +49-33-088-50673

Exhibition: "Selections from Saalpresse Bergsdoft"

Saal-Presse is founded in 1995 by Jürgen Zeidler and Angela Schröder in a very small village in the north of Berlin. The workshop is in a former public restaurant. We use all of the traditional artist print techniques: including woodcut, copper plate intaglio and lithography. Prior to establishing the press, we worked in Berlin and Hamburg as artists and art printers too. We are presently working with several artists from Germany and Europe.

This small exhibition will present the work of three German artists:

Holger Herrmann was born in 1942 born in Mainz (Mayence), Germany. From 1963-73 he studied the of history of art at the University of Mainz, and later studied art in Frankfurt/M and Hamburg. Holger Herrmann lives and works in Frankfurt/M.

Matthias Mansen was born in 1958 born in Ravensburg, Germany. From 1978-84 he studied of art in Karlsruhe
Since 1984 he has worked mostly in woodcut. Mansen has conducted residencies in London, Paris, and New York.
Matthias Mansen lives and works in Berlin.

Angela Schröder was born in 1965 born near Hamburg. From 1981-84 she studied to be a professional printer, and from 1984-91 she studied graphic arts in Hamburg. Angela Schröder is living and working in Bergsdorf near Berlin and Director of the SAAL-PRESSE workshop of artist printmaking.