Professor Witold Skulicz, President
International Print Triennial Society Cracow
ul. Dunajewskiego 2/6
31-133 Krakow, Poland
tel: +48-12 422 1903
fax: +48-12 421 7123
Assistant: Teresa Soliman

Exhibition Statement for "Transgressions 2005"

This exhibition draws from prints in the collection of the International Print Triennial Society Kracow to depict the process of change in Polish printmaking as a result of the postmodernist tendencies followed by the  thrust of new media and photography. The presentation will be added with multimedia screen projection and the inscriptions in format of short artists' comments and a few acknowledged arts critics. This exhibition was curated by Teresa Soliman from the International Print Triennial Society Kracow.

Keynote Paper #3: "Printmaking in the Era of Chaos"

The contents of my address aim to show the present situation of art and the role of arts during technological and the acceleration of civilization during our time. The scope and the force of this change perforates the substance of passing civilization causing the phenomena, that applies to arts as well, which is generally, somehow curiously and illogically referred as “Postmodernism.”

About SMTG:

International Print Triennial Society (Stowarzyszenie Miedzynarodowe Triennale Grafiki, SMTG) was established in the year 1992 to continue the organization of International Print Biennial in Krakow, an event whose history reaches back to the year 1966. The SMTG changed the frequency of the event, transforming at the same time its name to International Print Triennial (SMTG) in Krakow. At the same time SMTG expanded the organizational formula of the event, developing in other Polish cities a range of regular events that are organized as part of the SMTG - Krakow program.

SMTG is a registered institution, with legal personality, permanent bureau and a storage premises for the works. Members of the Society are both artists and friends and connoisseurs of contemporary print from many countries. The Society enjoys two types of membership: honorary and artistic. Any person who submits a written membership application, completing and signing the declaration of participation may become a member of SMTG.

Statutory goals of SMTG:

 1. acquisition and gathering of contemporary print collections,

 2. organization of the International Print Triennial in Krakow and of the Intergrafia - World Award Winners exhibition,

 3. spreading the information about contemporary world print and stimulation of artistic pursuits in this field of art,

 4. cooperation with specialist institutions concerning the making of exhibitions, their promotion and information,

 5. enhancement of conditions for gathering, processing, and dissemination of information concerning this art,

 6. development of collections of world print,

 7. development of financial bases for the completion of own statutory goals.

 8. SMTG is managed by the Board appointed for four-year terms.

My presentation will look back on the rich history of the International Print Triennial Society, while also looking forward towards the future of printmaking.

WITOLD SKULICZ was born in Krakow, Poland and studied at the Academy of Fine Art (ASP) in Krakow where he received his diploma in printmaking while working in printmaking, painting and design. In 1970 he started working at the ASP in Krakow, and was nominated to full professor in 1992. For many years he served as Dean of the Printmaking Faculty and Chair of the Graphic Design Department. In 1966, he initiated the International Print Biennial of Krakow. He also initiated the cyclical exhibition “Intergrafia – World Award Winners Gallery”, the “Grand Prix of Young Polish Print”, and “Eurografik – European Culture Integration Bridge”. Since 1989, he has been President and Director of the International Print Triennial Society, Krakow, as well as the general curator. He initiated and arranged the programs for the Triennial and other exhibitions by the Society, including “Graphic Art Days – Krakow 2003.” Skulicz has been the curator for several dozen print exhibitions around the world. He has also served on many Selection and Awards Juries, including in Bredford, Yyvaskyla, Frechen, and Fredrikstad. Skulicz initiated and co-edited the electronically published series “Directory of Print – CD-ROM” and a printed anthology of Polish printmakers called “Polish Printmakers – International Award Winners”. He also initiated the creation of “Icondata-Polish Prints and World Prints”, documenting contemporary printmakers. He has taken part in dozens of exhibitions in Poland and abroad, as well as many international print competitions. He has held 17 individual exhibitions in Poland and other countries. His works are in collections in many Polish museums, including the National Museums in Warsaw, Krakow, Poznan and Szczecin; Pratt Center in New York, the Allende Museum in Havana, Kunsthalle in Bremen, the Museum of Print in Fredrikstad, the City Library in Oslo, the City Museum in Visby and the Kunsthalle in Soest.