Minna Sora (Minna Soraluoma) University of Lapland, postgraduate student
Tampere Finland
Address: Minna Soraluoma / Hautala-Hirvioja
University of Lapland
Faculty of Art and Design
Box 122, 96101 Rovaniemi, Finland

Portfolio Presentation: "Spirit and Material"

The portfolio deals with emotions and tangible experiences. It also explores the ways to combine print and mixed media.

Session: "Body Kontakt"

Paper: "Art and Writing About It: Spirit, Body, Material and Text"

Ideal and concrete aspects are present in art and printmaking. Artist's work is bodily and kinesthetic labor - it brings together immaterial ideas, corporeal emotions and material touch. Printmaking handbooks, attempting to convey this experience to the public, have both philosophical and tangible aspect. Handbooks are as well a contact to the audience. Writing about art could be seen as another counterpart for bodily aspects of art, but still ideal and concrete parts exist in writing, too.

MINNA SORA is an artist and postgraduate student living in Tampere, Finland. She has studied at Artschool of Pori and at University of Lapland. Sora's research interest focuses in speaking about art. She examines popular handbooks for public, artist manuals, critics, exhibition catalogues and other information about printmaking - mostly in Finland and Scandinavia during 20th century, though many aspects are shared internationally. Handbooks tell us how to do art, but besides they tell other things. Art and words are often present in her art, as in the prints that explore how feelings or relationships show up in the handwriting. Lately she has worked with covers, peels and wrappings as in the project "The Fine Art of Peeling Fruits."