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Directory of Online Printmaking Demos

Remote learning presents particular challenges when it comes to printmaking. A well-designed tutorial video is an invaluable resource for students working to acquire new technical skills or gain insight into the diversity of methods employed by print artists across the country and around the world.

This directory includes links to videos selected for their excellence BY printmaking students FOR printmaking students. Collected in conjunction with the 2021 Remote Contact Virtual Symposium, these demos will remain a part of this online directory beyond the symposium as a lasting reference for printmakers into the future.

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Directory of Online Printmaking Demos

The following list of demos are divided into print media and searchable by keyword.

Find more video tutorials on the UTKprint YouTube channel!

General Printmaking

How to Clean up Oil-Based Printmaking Ink 10:48non-toxic, vegetable oil, slab, brayer, razorblade, phonebookCatherine ColeGeorge Mason University
Handling Ink 3:36draw-down; pulling ink from the can; skin; crust; Lari GibbonsUniversity of North Texas
Tearing, Cleaning, and Signing an Edition of Prints 3:53registration, template, blemishes, numbering, exacto, eraserGraham StephensDiode Press

Digital & Hybrid Print

Repeated Pattern Design, CNC Router in Relief 13:58Photoshop; tile; seamless; woodcut; yardage; vector; VcarveSusanna CrumIndiana University Southeast; Calliope Arts


Chine Collé 9:20etching; printing; rice paste; glue; water tray; washi paperProfessor TruszkowskiUniversity of Regina
Intaglio Plates + Presses, pt 1
Part 2
Part 3
Part 4
39:16craft press; die cutter; tetrapak; drypoint; nontraditional; recycled; alternative tools and matrices; caster wheel; pasta makerLari GibbonsUniversity of North Texas
Printing a Color Etching
3:22copper; color theory; à la poupée; multiple plate registrationArt WergerOhio University
Printing a Mezzotint
8:45copper; ink; brayer; tarlatan; à la poupée; hand wipingArt WergerOhio University


Aluminum Litho Plate First Etch 10:29talc; gum arabic; phosophoric acid; cheese cloth; clean-upMartin AzevedoCSU Stanislaus
How to Grain a Litho Stone 25:09level; grind; carborundum; two stones; levigator; gritKaleena StasiakUniversity of South Alabama
Lemon-Etch Litho
7-video series
60:57non-toxic; at-home printing; aluminum foil; gum arabic; plexi; drawing; etch; flour; cheesecloth; ink; sponges; vegetable oil; bone folder; clean-upCarolyn MuskatMuskat Studios
Stalking Senefelder: The Early History of Lithography 14:54slideshow; publishing; planographic; limestone; drawingBeauvais LyonsUniversity of Tennessee, Knoxville

Papermaking and Book Arts

Coptic Stitch Binding (part 1)
Coptic Stitch Binding (part 2)
6:49sewing; bookbinding; thread; kettle stitchJim EscalanteUniversity of Wisconsin-Madison


Linocut 6:54drawing; carving; highlight; roll-up; ukeleleKoichi YamamotoUniversity of Tennessee, Knoxville
Moku Hanga: Preparing to Print 21:51image transfer; carving; kento registration; wet pack; washi; key plate; nori; cherry woodEmily LegleitnerUniversity of Michigan Stamps School of Art & Design
Proof a Block 13:32linoleum; wood block; hand-printing; black line; white lineLari GibbonsUniversity North Texas
Relief Printmaking at Home/Without a Press 6:55frottage; rubbing; linoleum; carving; tool handling; printing; spoon; kozo; registrationSusanna CrumIndiana University Southeast; Calliope Arts

Screen & Stencil

Pochoir: History and Methods 15:03stencil; artist examples; acrylic; layering; drybrushBeauvais LyonsUniversity of Tennessee, Knoxville
Pochoir: Stencil Printing 9:52sponge; texture; layering; drawingLauren KussroUniversity of Houston-Clear Lake