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04/17/2024: Congrats to David Dooley for recieving The 2024 Outstanding CBE Graduate Student Award!

04/17/2024: Congrats to Chris Cotter for recieving The 2024 Outstanding Promise CBE Graduate Student Award!

04/12/2024: Congrats to our lab alumni, Dr. Sergio Garcia, who will start his tenure-track faculty position this Fall in the Department of Environmental Sciences at IE University, Real Madrid, Spain.

04/11/2024: Trinh recieved the 2024 TCE Research Achievement Award!

04/04/2024: Congrats to our lab alumni, Dr. Hyeongmin Seo who will start his tenure-track faculty position this Fall in Dept of Chemical and Biochemical Engineering at The University of Iowa!

03/20/2024: Our research is highlighed from The DOE Office of Science “Yeast Uses Plastic Waste Oils to Make High-Value Chemicals”. It is available on:,,

12/20/2024: The lab gathered for a lunch at SunSpot before the holiday.







12/01/2023: Our lab welcomes 2 new undergaduate researchers: Hannah Boyd and Avi Patel.

11/22/2023: Our mananusript on "Engineering a Synthetic Escherichia coli Coculture for Compartmentalized de novo Biosynthesis of Isobutyl Butyrate from Mixed Sugars" has been accepted in ACS Synthetic Biology! Congrats!

10/20/2023: Our paper on development of CRISPR-Cas antifungals has been accepted in ACS Infectious Diseases! Congrats!

09/18/2023: Our paper on "Proteomes Reveal Metabolic Capabilities of Yarrowia lipolytica for Biological Upcycling of Polyethylene into High-Value Chemicals" is accepted in mSystems! Congrats! Read the TCE and CBE news.

07/24-07/28/2023: Dr. Trinh attended The 2023 Metabolic Pathway Analysis in Seoul and presented works on i) Elucidating the Modular Cell Design Principles In Escherichia coli for Biosynthesis of a Large Library of Molecules and ii) Deciphering Central Metabolic Redox Obstacles Causing Ethanol Biosynthesis Limitation, Overflow Metabolism, and Growth Cessation in A Cellulolytic Thermophile Clostridium thermocellum.

04/21/2023: Congrats to Dr. Trinh for the 2023 Faculty Research and Scholarship Achievement Award!

04/21/2023: Congrats to David for the 2023 Outstanding Promise CBE Graduate Student Award!

02/01/2023: Dr. Trinh is a visiting scholar at UC Berkeley and LBNL hosted by Prof. Arkin.

01/15/2023: Welcome our graduate student Galib Khan to join the group!

07/07/2022: Dr. Trinh is promoted to full professor! Trinh'd like to thank his former and current lab members who have been with him in this journey.

06/21/2022: Our paper on "Gene Co-expression Connectivity Predicts Gene Targets Underlying High Ionic Liquid Tolerance in Yarrowia lipolytica" has been accepted in mSystems. Congrats and Cheers!

05/16/2022: Our paper on "CASPER: An integrated software platform for rapid development of CRISPR tools" has been accepted in CRISPR Journal. Congrats and Cheers!

05/10/2022: Welcome Ranti Dev to join us as a postdoctoral researcher!

05/06/2022: Our paper on "Proteome reallocation enables the selective de novo biosynthesis of non-linear, branched-chain acetate esters" has been accepted in Metabolic Engineering. Congrats and Cheers!

04/29/2022: Congrats to Nathaniel for winning the EUReCA award! Cheers!

04/26/2022: Congrats to Khanh for winning the Advanced Undergraduate Research Activity (AURA) Award for Summer 2022! Cheers!

01/01/2022: Welcome Ryan Myers to join us as a research scientist!

12/01/2021: Our paper on Controlling Selectivity of Modular Microbial Biosynthesis of Butyryl-CoA-Derived Designer Esters is now accepted in Metabolic Engineering. Congrats!

08/22/2021: Our paper on "Probing Specificities of Alcohol Acyltransferases for Designer Ester Biosynthesis with a High-Throughput Microbial Screening Platform" is now accepted in Biotechnology and Bioenginereering. Congrats!

08/02-08/06/2021: We are hosting: "The 2021 Metabolic Pathway Analysis: The Frontiers" international conference at The University of Tennessee, Knoxville, Aug 02-06, 2021. Join us!




07/12/2021: Our paper by Caleb et al.: "Exploring Proteomes of Robust Yarrowia lipolytica Isolates Cultivated in Biomass Hydrolysate Reveal Key Processes Impacting Mixed Sugar Utilization, Lipid Accumulation, and Degradation" has been accepted in mSystems. This is a collaborative work between Trinh lab (UTK), Giannone team (ORNL), and Dien/Slininger taem (USDA). Congrats and Cheers!

06/30/2021: A collaborative team including Trinh lab (UTK), Giannone team (ORNL), and Dien team (USDA) recieved a DOE BER grant to develop the B. coagulans biomanufacturing platform for designer ester biosynthesis. This is an exciting news! Congrats!

05/08/2021: Caleb, Hyeongmin, and Jong-Won were hooded! Congrats!




05/03/2021: Hyeongmin recieved the 2021 Jim and Sändra McKinley Outstanding Graduate Student Award! Congrats!

05/03/2021: Dr. Trinh recieved 2021 Thomas & Ruth Clark Excellence in Chemical Engineering Award! Congrats!

04/14/2021: Congrats to Hyeongmin Seo for successfully defending his PhD thesis! Great job!

04/08/2021: Congrats to Caleb Walker for successfully defending his PhD thesis! Great job!

02/12/2021: Congrats to David Dooley for winning SARIF Summer GRA Award! See the highlights.

11/23/2020: Welcome our new graduate students, Chris Cotter and Bindica Poudel, to join our group!

11/11/2020: Congrats to Jong-Won Lee for sucessfully defending his PhD thesis! Great job!

07/28/2020: Our work on "Exceptional Solvent Tolerance in Yarrowia lipolytica Is Enhanced by Sterols" has recently been highlighted at the DOE Office of Science and Department of Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering at UTK! Congrats!

07/22/2020: Our lab alumni, Julie Hipp, successfuly defended her PhD at University of Deleware and will start a position at Procter & Gamble Corp.! Congrats!

07/20/2020: Welcome Hannah Rauhuff as our new lab technician!

06/18/2020: Our work on "Development of a genome-scale metabolic model of Clostridium thermocellum and its applications for integration of multi-omics datasets and computational strain design" has been accepted in Frontiers Bioeng and Biotechnol. Congrats!

05/29/2020: Our work on "Harnessing natural modularity of metabolism with goal attainment optimization to design a modular chassis cell for production of diverse chemicals" has been accepted in ACS Synthetic Biology. Congrats!

04/22/2020: Our work on " Endogenous carbohydrate esterases of Clostridium thermocellum are identified and disrupted for enhanced isobutyl acetate production from cellulose" has been accepted in Biotechnol and Bioeng. Congrats!



03/26/2020: Congrats to Sergio Garcia for sucessfully defending his PhD thesis! Great job!

03/12/2020: Our undergraduates, Creg Centrall, Noah Dunlap, and John Hill, presented their research at the 2nd CBE undergraduate Symposium. Congrats to John Hill for winning the 1st-place poster presenter! Great job to all!

03/11/2020: Congrats to Brian Mendoza for sucessfully defending his PhD thesis! Great Job!

12/24/2020-02/26/2020: Caleb and Dr. Trinh attened the DOE PI Meeting in Washington DC and gave poster and oral presentations on yeast robustness.


Brian defends his PhD thesis.



The Team attended 2019 AIChE Annual Meeting.



11/28/2019: Caleb recieved a 2019 AIChE oral presentation award! Congrats!

11/19/2019: Brian gave a CBE Departmental seminar on ViPaRe project. Great job!

11/10-11/15/2019: Caleb, Hyeongmin, Sergio, and Dr. Trinh attended the 2019 AIChE Annual Meeting in Orlando, FL and gave talks on solvent robustness of Y. lipolytica, metabolic engineering of C. thermocellum for designer ester biosynthesis, and modular cell engineering.

11/05/2019: Our work on understanding and eliminating the detrimental effect of thiamine deficiency on the oleaginous yeast Yarrowia lipolytica has been accepted in AEM! Congrats!

09/30/2019: Our paper on repurposing chloramphenicol acetyl transferase for direction biosynthesis of esters from cellulosic biomass in C. thermocellum is accepted! Congrats!

09/06/2019: Our paper on microbial biosynthesis of lactate esters is accepted! Congrats!



07/12-07/16/2019: Sergio and Dr. Trinh attended the 2019 MPA conference in Riga, Latvia and presented works on modular cell design, metabolic network reconstruction and analysis for C. thermocellum metabolism.


07/22-07/25/2019: Jongwon attended SIMB Annual Meeting in Washington and presented an oral presentation and several posters on lactate ester and olefin biosynthesis.

07/08-07/10/2019: David, Will, Sergio, Hyeongmin, Jongwon, and Dr. Trinh attended CBI retreat in Ashville. Congrats to Sergio for winning a 3-minute research presentation!

06/11/2019: The group hung out at Barley's. Annie is a special guest.


05/20/2019: Dr. Trinh recieved the DARPA Director's Fellowship. Congrats!

05/15/2019: Trinh lab welcomes three undergraduate students including Abhi Ravi, Joshua Herman, and Tanner Fry.

04/27/2019: Dr. Trinh attended the SBFC in Seatle, WA and presented works on modular cell engineering for alcohol and ester biosynthesis.

04/11/2019: Dr. Trinh recieved The 2019 TCE Teaching Fellow Award! Cheers!

04/09/2019: The 2019 MPA conference abstract submission and registration are open.

CBI Retreat, Ashville 2019


04/09/2019: Congrats to Brian Mendoza for recieving the 2019 the 2019 Jim and Sändra McKinley Outstanding Graduate Student Award! Cheers!

04/09/2019: Congrats to Sergio Garcia for recieving the 2019 Exceptional Progress Award! Cheers!

04/09/2019: Our undergraduate alumni, Brandon Wilbanks, recieved the 2019 pretigious NSF fellowship! Congrats!!!


04/02-04/05/2019: Brian Mendoza and Dr. Trinh attended the DARPA PREPARE Kick-Off meeting and presented our work on developing ViPaRe technology for effective and adaptive antimicrobials!

03/31-04/02/2019: Dr. Trinh attended ACS BIOT conference and presented our exciting work on robustness of Y. lipolytica in organic solvents.

03/21/2019: Congrats to John Hill for recieving a research grant from The Chancellor's Honors Progam! Well-done!

03/21/2019: Congrats to John Hill for recieving a research grant from The Chancellor's Honors Progam! Well-done!

03/11/2019: Our paper on Yarrowia robustness in organic solvents by Walker, Ryu, Trinh has been accepted in Metab Eng! Cheers!



02/25-02/27/2019: Our team, Caleb Walker, Dr. Ryu, and Dr. Trinh, attend the Annual DOE Genome Science meeting and present our research on understanding and harnessing robustness of Yarrowia for novel biocatalysis.

02/21/2019: Dylan Chitwood and Preston Nicely are presenting their research at the 2019 CBE Undergraduate research symposium.

12/03/2018: Welcome Dr. Nicholas Zheng to join our lab!

10/28-11/02/2018: Dr. Trinh attended AIChE Annual Meeting and presented an invited talk on development of design platforms for modular cell engineering and CRISPR gRNA design for single and consortia of organisms.

09/20/2018: We are funded by DOE BER to develop robust Y. liplolytica microbial platform for conversion of biomass into designer bioesters. Congrats!

See Tickle CoE News

09/05/2018: Sergio's paper on ModCell 2 is now accepted in Metab Eng! Congrats!

09/04/2018: Caleb's paper on releasing genomes of robust Y. lipolytica is now accepted in MRA! Congrats!

08/27/2018: Welcome Maggie Sumner to join us!

08/2018: Welcome new undergaduate researchers joining Trinh Lab - Greg Cantrall, Noah Dunlap, Daniel Faradji, Alisha Chapman, Samantha Karklins!

07/23/2018: Our paper on characterization of a new P450 fatty acid decarboxylase for terminal alkene biosynthesis is accepted in Metabolic Engineering Communications!


06/24/2018-06/28/2018: Dr. Trinh attended the Metabolic Engineering Conference 12 in Munich and presented research on CASPER, modular cell engineering, and overflow metabolism in C. thermocellum.

06/21/2018: Dr. Trinh visited Klamt's lab at Max Planck Institute, Magdeburg.

04/29/2018: Caleb Walker attended SIMB for Fuels and Chemicals in Florida and presented a talk on understanding solvent tolerance in Y. lipolytica.



04/18/2018-04/20/2018: Brian Mendoza and Dr. Trinh attended Safe Gene PI meeting and presented research on ViPaRe.

04/09/2018: Dr. Trinh recieved a 2018 Chancellor Research & Creative Achievement/Professional Promise Award! Congrats! UT News.



04/09/2018: Brian Mendoza, Katherine Rouse, and Jared Clements recieved Chancellors' honors citation. Congrats!

04/05/2018: Dr. Trinh recieved a 2018 TCE Professional Promise in Research Award. Congrats! College News.

03/18/2018: Dr. Trinh attended ACS Annual Meeting in New Orleans and presented a talk on Prototype of Modular Cell Engineering.


12/18/2017: The group gathered at Chez Guevara.

12/12/2017: Welcome Dr. Phillips to join our group!

12/04/2017-12/06/2017: Brian and Dr. Trinh attended the International Conferences on CRISPR Technologies, Raleigh, NC and presented our work on CASPER: Algorithms and Integrated Software Platform for Precise CRISPR Genome Editing of Single and Consortia of Organisms.


11/02/2017: Congrats to Seunghyun for her accepted paper in AEM on "Understanding Functional Roles of Native Pentose-Specific Transporters for Activating Dormant Pentose Metabolism in Yarrowia lipolytica." Cheers!

10/28/2017-10/31/2017: Dr. Trinh attended AIChE annual meeting and presented works on developing a new computational platform for modular cell engineering and validating modular cell design.

10/23/2017: Our paper on "Comprehensive Characterization of Toxicity of Fermentative Metabolites on Microbial Growth" is accepted in Biotechnol Biofuels. Congrats to Brandon for his first-author paper!



10/10/2017: Our paper on "A Prototype for Modular Cell Engineering" is accepted in ACS Synthetic Biology. Cheers!

09/04/2017: Congrats to Brian for his first author paper on "Enhanced Guide-RNA Design and Targeting Analysis for Precise CRISPR Genome Editing of Single And Consortia of Industrially Relevant and Non-Model Organisms" being accepted in Bioinformatics!

08/30/2017: Dr. Trinh attended the DARPA FYA Kick-Off Meeting and presented ViPaRe work.


08/21/2017: Our funded DARPA project on developing ViPaRe technology appears in Knoxville News Sentinel.

07/24/2017-07/28/2017: Sergio and Dr. Trinh attended the Metabolic Pathway Analysis conference and presented our research on modular cell engineering and overflow metabolism/growth cessation in C. therm.

07/11/2017-07/13/2017: BESC retreat at Chattanooga!

07/07/2017-07/08/2017: Dr. Trinh attended a US-China symposium and presented a talk on modular cell engineering at the Beijing University of Chemical Technology!

06/27/2017: Our paper on "Linking Overflow Metabolism and Growth Cessation in Clostridium thermocellum DSM1313 during High Cellulose Loading Fermentations" is accepted in Biotechnol and Bioeng. Congrats!



06/09/2017: Dr. Trinh is awarded the Ferguson Fellow. Congrats!

06/09/2017: Dr. Trinh is promoted to Associate Professor. Congrats! Thanks to the former and current members of Trinh lab for their hard work and dedication!

05/14/2017: Check out the UTK-iGEM 2017.

04/19/2017: Dr. Trinh recieved the 2017 CBE Outstanding Teaching Award. Congrats!


04/19/2017: Brian recieved the 2017 Exceptional Progress Award. Congrats!

04/19/2017: Brandon recieved the 2017 AIChE outstanding Baccalaureate award. Congrats!

03/17/2017: Dr. Trinh recieved the 2017 DARPA YFA award! Congrats!

02/17/2017: Dr. Trinh recieved the 2017 ASEE New Researcher Award ( Congrats!


01/19/2017: Welcome our new undergrads Jay Patel, Abby Link, and Jared Clements to join the team!

11/13/2016 - 11/13/2016: Dr. Ryu and Dr. Trinh attended the AIChE annual meeting in San Francisco and presented work on 1) modular chassis cell design for combinatorial synthesis of esters and 2) elucidating and harnessing atypical metabolism of Y. lipolytica for novel biocatalysis.

11/08/2016: Congrats to Donovan Layton for his successful PhD thesis defense!

11/01/2016: Congrats to Adam Thompson to an job offer at Abbvie!



10/31/2016: The iGEM-UTK team works on "Engineering Bateria to Make Natural Scents from Chemical Wastes" and won GOLD medal. Cheers!

Check out the team website: and the CATALYST

From left: Amany Alshibli, Taylor Weiskittel, Brandon Wilbanks, Evan Boone, Neel Patel, Benny Foshee, Sterling Kolar, Marti Bell, Matt Kubis, and Dr. Trinh.


09/23/2016: Congrats to Brian Mendoza for passing qual exam!

09/19/2016: Congrats to Sergio Garcia for passing qual exam!

08/26/2016: Our paper on genome-scale metabolic modeling of Clostridium thermocelllum is accepted in Biotechnol Biofuels, Cheers!

08/05/2016: Our paper on microbial biosynthesis of a branched-chain ester platform is accepted in Metab Eng Comm, cheers!



07/24/2016-07/28/2016: Dr. Trinh attends the SIMB Annual meeting, New Orleans, LA.

07/11/2016-07/14/2016: Trinh lab hosts the EASTMAN HITES 2016.

06/26/2016-06/30/2016: Dr. Trinh attends Metabolic Engineering 11 conference in Awaji, Japan.



04/25/2016-04/28/2016: Donovan, Dr. Ryu, and Dr. Trinh presents research at the 38th SBFC for Chemicals and Fuels in Baltimore.

04/04/2016: Congrats to Adam for successfully defending his PhD thesis! Cheers!


03/15/2016: Dr. Trinh recieved the Thomas and Ruth Clark Chemical Engineering Excellence Award in Teaching. Congrats!

03/02/2016: Our paper on engineering designer biodiesels is accepted in the Journal of Biotechnology. Cheers!

02/29/2016: Dr. Trinh recieved a CoE Professional Promise in Research Award, UT. Congrats!

01/24/2016: Welcome Jordan Leith to join our group as an undergraduate research assistant!

02/04/2016: Our paper on upgrading carboxylate platform to ester platform is accepted in the Journal of Biotechnology and Bioengineering. Cheers!

01/24/2016: Welcome Sterling Kolar, Neel Patel, and Matthew Kubis to join our group as undergraduate research assistants!

01/24/2016: Planning for the UT-iGEM 2016 is in progress. Undergraduate students are encouraged to contact Dr. Trinh for more information.

11/08-11/13/2015: Donovan Layton, Adam Thompson, and Dr. Trinh attended AIChE annual meeting and presented our work on: 1) developing ester platform by modular cell design principle; 2) elucidating the kinetic redox bottleneck of C. thermocellum for production of fuels and chemicals, and 3) developing an organic solvent-biocatalyst system for simultaneous saccharification and fermentation in ionic liquid for high-yield conversion of cellulose to the high-value chemical, a-ketoglutaric acid.

10/13/2015: Our Metabolic Engineering paper on modular cell design is accepted! Cheers!

10/12/2015: Our Metabolic Engineering paper on C. thermocellum modeling and experimental validation is accepted! Cheers!

10/06/2015: Dr. Trinh recieved a NSF CAREER 2016 award. Cheers!

See CBE news, Tennessee Today, and QUEST SCHOLAR

08/01/2015: Welcome Jongwon Lee and Sergio Garcia to join the group!



07/13-07/17/2015: We are hosting Eastman Hitse 2015!


06/15-06/17/2015: Adam, Brian, Caleb, Donovan, and Dr. Trinh attended the BESC retreat in Chantanooga!

06/08-06/12/2015: Dr. Trinh presented "Rational Design of Modular Chassis Cells" at the Metabolic Pathway Analysis (MPA2015) conference in Braga, Portugal.

05/30/2015: Congratulations to DJ Conner for being admitted to Wake Forest's School of Medicine!



04/23/2015: Congrats to Julie for Chancellor’s Extraordinary Professional Promise!

04/13/2015: Julie Hipp and D.J. Conner presented their research at Eureka.


04/02/2015: Congratulations to Donovan Layton for winning the most outstanding graduate award and David Conner for winning the ACS outstanding undergraduate award!



03/15/2015: Congratulations to Brandon Wilbanks for winning the Summer Undergraduate Research scholarship!

03/02/2015: Our paper on "Simultaneous saccharification and fermentation of cellulose in ionic liquid for efficient production of alpha-ketoglutaric acid" is accepted in the journal of Applied Microbiology and Biotechnology. Cheers!

02/18-02/20/2015: Adam and Dr. Trinh visit Lynd's Lab. It is really cool to see ice scultures along the campus's main street.


Dartmouth 2015



02/12/2015: Congratulations to Caleb for being named as the 2014-2015 Chancellor's Fellow in Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering!

11/01/2014: Welcome Brian, Andrew, and Caleb to join the group!



09/24/2014: Our paper on modular ester fermentative biosynthesis was accepted in Metabolic Engineering. Cheers!

07/17/2014: The iGEM-UTK works on the "Design, construction, and characterization of modular biosensors". The instructors are Dr. Cong T. Trinh (CBE) and Gladys Alexandre (BCMB). The picture on the right includes: front row (left to right)- Julie Hipp, David Conner, Dr. Trinh, and back row- Sergio Garcia, Adam Thompson,and Bradon Wilbanks. For the website link, click on the right figure.

  The iGEM-UTK 2014 TEAM  



07/07-07/12/2014: Trinh lab hosts a 4-day EASTMAN HITES engineering design workshop for a group of 6 high shoolers to work on "Engineer bacteria to make fragrances".

06/15-06/19/2014: Dr. Trinh attend the Metaboling Engineering X conference.


06/11/2014: Adam won the BESC poster award, congratulations!

06/09-06/11/2014: Adam, Donovan, and Dr. Trinh attend the BESC annual retreat and present: "Elucidating Clostridium thermocellum Central Metabolism For Enhanced Ethanol Production From Lignocellulosic Biomass" and "Reconstruction of Predictive Genome-Scale Metabolic Networks of Clostridium thermocellum DSM 1313"

05/14/2014: Adam's paper is accepted. Congratulation!

03/15/2014: Dr. Trinh attends the ACS BIOT meeting in Dallas and presents "Modular Strain Engineering for Combinatorial Biosynthesis of Designer Bioesters"



08/11-08/15/2013: Adam Thompson, Narayan Niraula, and Dr. Trinh attended the SIMB annual conference in San Diego and presented posters on: "Reprogramming Saccharomyces cerevisiae metabolism for optimal endogenous biodiesel production" and "Identification and Characterization of cytochrome P450 oxidases for generation of biofuels and high value oxychemicals".


UTK-iGEM 2013. Donovan Layton, Dr. Alexandre, Julie Hipp, Brandon Wilbanks, Patrick Caveney, Eric Farell, Ivan Geigerman, Adam Thompson, and Dr. Trinh.




07/22-07/24/2013: Donovan Layton, Adam Thompson, and Dr. Trinh attended BESC 2013 retreat in Chantanooga, TN and presented a poster on: "Characterization of Clostridium thermocellum towards optimized ethanol production". 07/15-07/18/2013: The ASPIRE team organized a 4-day EASTMAN HITES workshop for HITES students to engineer biological devices that make bateria turn green, red, and produce fragrances.

07/11/2013: The ASPIRE team gave a research lab tour for 32 eVOL10 students.

04/29-05/02/2013: Dr. Trinh presents a talk at the SIMB conference for Fuels and Chemicals in Portland, OR.

Dr. Trinh's lab organized the EASTMAN HITES 2013 workshop for high schoolers from Jul 14-19, 2013




04/07-04/12/2013: Dr. Trinh presents at talk at the ACS meeting in New Orleans, LA.

03/29/2013: Our SMET paper was accepted for publication in Biotechnol J!

02/19/2013: New UTK-iGEM team is formed, consisting of Brandon Wilbanks, Julie Hipp, Patrick Caveney, and Eric Farell.


The iGEM-UTK 2012 Team. Left to right: Dr. Trinh, Genesis, Brandon, Katie, Morgan, Akshitha.


01.15.3013: Welcome Patrick Caveney to join our group as an undergraduate researcher!

01/15/2013: Welcome Dr. Ryu to join our group!

01/07/2013: We are looking for self-motivated and creative undergraduates to partipate in the iGEM-UTK 2013. Contact Dr. Trinh for further information.

11/01-11/02/12: Dr. Trinh attends the Frontiers in Biorefinering and present a talk in St. Simons Island, GA.

10/28-10/31/12: Dr. Trinh attends the AIChE annual meeting and present a talk in Pittsburgh, PA.

10/25/2012: Our book chapter: "Elementary Mode Analysis: A Useful Metabolic Pathway Analysis Tool for Reprogramming Microbial Metabolic Pathways" has been published on line. See

10/21/2012: Welcome Chris Ludtka and Julie Hipp to join the group as undergraduate research asisstants.

10/21/2012: UTK undergraduates who are interested in participating the UTK-iGEM 2013 team contact Dr. Trinh asap.

08/12/2012: Congratulations to the UTK-iGEM 2012 team for winning the bronze medal at he Jamboree competition in Pittsburgh. Check out the poster and oral presentation .

08/02/2012: A postdoc position open immedidately in the area of metabolic network modeling.

08/02/2012: Congratulations to David Flowers for passing his Master thesis defense!

08/01/2012: Launch a new website!

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