Marilyn Harris Bautista
1711 Driscoll
Houston, TX 77019
Exhibition Proposal: "Flying Carpet: Women United in One Work" (A Border Crossing Project)

NOTE: The Flying Carpet Project was conceived and organized by Barbara Bandi, Susanne Glauser
and Carla Neis in Switzerland. Marilyn Harris Bautista is one of the 165 participants included in the portfolio.
Please consider our project for IMPACT IV International Printmaking Conference.  Below you will find a brief description of the multinational collaboration and a link to the website that has all the images and bios of the participating artists.
165 professional women of different artistic and creative disciplines, different cultures and 26 different countries have come together, in a symbolic way, creating a carpet in the form of a limited edition of 30 prints measuring 30cm x 30cm (11.7in. X 11.7in.).  This body of work transgresses borders, it is not an INTERnational, but a NONnational project.
The editions have been collected into 30 portfolios that are being exhibited in the different countries of the participants.
At the end of the project the portfolios will be donated to museums and other institutions of the exhibiting countries.
Please feel free to contact me.

BIOGRAPHY: Marilyn Harris Bautista

A native Kentuckian, Marilyn began seriously pursuing the study of art while living in Bolivia in the 1970's.  She adopted Texas in the 1980's, and has been studying art in the Houston area ever since, taking breaks to work in printmaking studios in the Berkshires, New Orleans and most recently Paris and the Isle of Skopelos in Greece.

“Whether it is a mother and child or lovers, all relationships are based on a form of bonding.  Sometimes that is conveyed in my work by knots and tangles but other times it is loosely threaded throughout the piece, just as it is throughout our lives. Most of my paintings and prints are played out to the sound of music.  It has been a powerful influence in my life and therefore in my art.  Its effects, visible and invisible, are woven into the very fabric of my work.”    – Marilyn Harris Bautista

“These impressions, which range from the small and jewel-like to the large and dramatic, abound with floating visual clues… Quite intriguing in these handsome images is the artist’s ability to suggest her musical interests not only in representational but also abstract terms.  This work is not to be missed.”  

-Dan Piersol, Curator of Prints New Orleans Museum of Art