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Proposals for the IMPACT 4 Printmaking Conference

Dear IMPACT 4 Conference Delegates:

Below is a listing of proposals received for the IMPACT 4 conference. To date we have received over 80 proposals from almost 20 countries. These have been posted for the benefit of the conference planning committee as well as all potential conference participants.  Links are provided to html files of each proposal.

Those who have made proposals are encouraged to review their materials submitted. While up to two (72 dpi) jpeg files may be included with each proposal, html links to web sites are encouraged. Please send corrections to me so they can be posted and updated if needed.

Final decisions regarding the exhibitions, papers and panels will be made by early April. All exchange portfolio proposals are approved, and some have room for additional participants. Contact the portfolio coordinator if your are interested.

The proposal listing below has been divided into the following sections:


Thank you to everyone who has submitted a proposal for the conference.

Beauvais Lyons
IMPACT 4 Conference Coordinator

UPDATED: 17 March 2005

All of these portfolios have been approved. Where indicated conference delegates may contact the portfolio coordinator about participating in these projects. Click on the portfolio coordinator's name to learn more.

Sarah Bodman
University of West England, Bristol, United Kingdom
Portfolio/Exhibition: “Bookmarks III: Infiltrating Kontakt, 2005”

Katarzyna Cepek and Emily Wilson
University of Arizona, Tucson, AZ
Portfolio Proposal: “On the Edge” International Portfolio Exchange

Kate Copeland and Heather O'Hara
Rhode Island School of Art and Design, Providence, Rhode Island USA and
Cornell University, Ithaca, NY USA
Portfolio Proposal: "International Student Print Exchange – Peer Introductions through Mail Art"

Ruthann Godollei
Macalester College, St. Paul, Minnesota, USA
Exchange Portfolio: "We're Not From Here: Emigrés, Aliens and Utopians"

Beth Grabowski
University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill, USA
Exchange Portfolio: “The Käthe Kollwitz Tribute Portfolio”

John Hitchcock
University of Wisconsin-Madison, USA
Keith Christensen
St. Cloud State University, Minnesota, USA
Exchange Portfolio: “Cultural Transport/Moving Targets” to take place on train to Poznan

Patricia Olynyk

University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, MI, USA
Portfolio” Hand to Hand” an international portfolio to be presented at the National Museum of Poznan
Funded through the Trust for Mutual Understanding

Mary Robinson
University of South Carolina, Columbia, SC, USA
Exchange Portfolio: "Emission" (20 participants)

These have been grouped together. In some cases portfolios can be presented as table displays, brought by the conference delegates.  In other cases works can be sent in advance to the conference venues.  Also included are several performance projects.

Alessandra Angelini
Accademia di Belle Arti, Venezia, Bereguardo (Pavia), Italia
Book Presentation: " Dado a Punte"

Marilyn Harris Bautista
Houston, Texas, USA
Portfolio/Exhibition: “Flying Carpet Women United in Work, A Border Crossing Art Project”

Katherine Bull
Cape Town, South Africa   
Exhibition and/or Performance: “Data Capture in the Field”

Anju Chaudhuri
Paris, France
Exhibition:  (No Title) A series of prints by Chaudhuri (etchings, monotypes etc) on different materials like paper, pulp, natural woods, cloth (silk or fine khadi etc) canvas.

Anna Chelmiñska
Warsaw, Poland
Portfolio or Exhibition: Portfolio of Prints Using Non-Toxic Intaglio

David Ferry
Winchester School of Art, University of Southampton UK.
Exhibition: "Faces from History"

Raymond Henshaw
Belfast Print Workshop, Belfast, Northern Ireland.
Exhibition Proposal: (working title) "Postcards from the Edge: A Selected Exhibition from Artists in Ireland" (Adrian O”Connell, Mick Cullen, Diarmuid Delarghy, Raymond Henshaw, Leanne Mullen, Victor Sloan, Anushiya Sundaralingham)

Heather Hoover
University of North Carolina at Charlotte, Charlotte, NC, USA
Exhibition and Public Art Project: “Pedestrian Pathways in Kontakt”   -or-   “Patterns of Kontakt Movement”

Mirta Kupferminc
Buenos Aires, Argentina
Exhibition: “Exiles” (large etchings and video animation)

Enrique H. Martínez Leal
University of Castilla La- Mancha, Cuenca, Spain
Exhibition Proposal: “The Entomography Series”

Marina Mangubi
College of Wooster, Wooster, Ohio, USA
Exhibition or Paper: “Music on the Bones”

Hugh Merrill
Kansas City Art Institute, Kansas City, Missouri, USA
Student Project: Community Arts Action in Collaboration with Students in Poznan, Poland
Funded through the Trust for Mutual Understanding

Elizabeth Mills
East London, South Africa
Portfolio Presentation Proposal: "Mountain of the Gods: The Tsodilo Hills"

Carinna Parraman
University of the West of England, Bristol, UK
Exhibition: “Boxing Cleaver”

Vicki Reynolds
Willunga, South Australia
Exhibition: “Gigalitres"

Carl Rowe

Norwich School of Art and Design, Norwich, Norfolk, UK
Exhibition: four portfolios (Currency, Talk, DIY and Love/Hate)

Bristol School of Art, Media & Design, UWE, Bristol, UK
Performance Proposal: “For Rites of Exchange” to take place on train to Poznan

Wieslaw Smuzny
Nicolas Copernicus University, Torun, Poland
Proposals for Exhibition, Demonstration, Panel related to his work with "21st Century Figuration" produced in transparent body print technique.

Ulrike Stoltz

Offenbach am Main, Germany
Exhibition and Performance: “Lady Mikado” (book, prints, video and performance)

Beverly Samler and Lisa Van Wyk
Buffalo City College, East London, South Africa
Exhibition: “Proud Survivors: Through Adversity – The Legacy of African Woman”

Paul Thirkell
University of the West of England, Bristol. UK
Exhibition: “Original /Reproduction”(an exhibition of 10 collotype prints by different artists thematically exploring the dichotomy between ‘original’ and ‘reproduction’)

April Volmer, Eva Pietzker and others
New York, NY USA
Participating artists: Jens Bohr of Denmark, Daniel Heyman of the US, Dariusz Kaca of Poland, Merijean Morrissey of Canada, Eva Pietzker of Germany, and Michael Reed of New Zealand and April Vollmer of the US.
Portfolio: “Japanese Water-Based Woodblock Prints by Artists from the Nagasawa Art Park Program”

These papers address specific topics.  In some cases these may be presented on their own, or may be combined with panel sessions. Some of these may form keynote addresses at the discretion of the conference planners.

Iwona Abrams
Royal College of Art, London, UK
Paper: “Drawn Prints and Printed Drawings”

Andrew Atkinson
Montclair State University, Montclair, New Jersey, USA
Paper: "Interstitial Languages: Photographers and Printmakers" (For a Students/Education Panel)

Szymon Bojko
Poznan, Poland (c/o Grazyna Halasa)
Paper: on the Exhibition “Polish Poster – Individualities of Three Generations”

Paul Coldwell
University of the Arts, London, UK
Paper: “Imagined Journeys”

Jan Davis
Southern Cross University, Lismore, Australia
Paper Proposal: “Europeans Transported: Landscape and Belonging in Australia”

G. Jula Dech
Institut für Kunst im Kontext
Paper Proposal: "German Political Posters from the Women's Movement: 1970 to Present"

Andrew Folan
National College of Art and Design, Dublin, Ireland
Paper: "Printmaking - Fetish or Firmament" (education paper working title)

Helen Frederick and Susan Goldman
Pyramid Atlantic, Silver Springs, Maryland USA
George Mason University, Fairfax. Virginia USA
Paper: "From Media Literacy to Visual Literacy" (working title)

Jo Ganter
Edinburgh College of Art, Scotland
Paper: “Craft versus Concept”

Arunas Gelinas
Vilnius Academy of Fine Art, Vilnius, Lithuania
Paper: “Artists Book at the Vilnius Academy of Fine Arts”

Gerten Goldbeck
Netzwerk Druckgrafik, Hamburg, Germany
Paper: "Building a Printmaking Network in Europe on the Web"

Grazyna Halasa
Curator of Prints
Poznan National Museum, Poznan, Poland
Paper: (working title) “Expressionist Influences of Polish Graphics”

Jana Harper       
Washington University, Saint Louis, Missouri, USA         
Paper Proposal: “Urban Books”

Paul Liam Harrison
Visual Research Centre, University of Dundee, UK
Paper: (untitled) issues of culture and exchange through collaborative practice.

John Haworth
Manchester Metropolitan University, UK
Paper: Vibrant Transience: an embodied lens for digital printmaking.

Ted Howorth and William Pura
Winnipeg, MB., Canada
Paper: “Border Crossings: Canadian Prairie Regionalism in Printmaking”

Peter Höyng
Emory University, Atlanta, Georgia, USA
Paper: "Berlin and Poznan in Context" (working title)

Pawel Ignaczak
National Museum of Poznan, Poland
Paper: “Jean-Pierre Norblin - Art of Contact of Cultures”
(This proposal is being sent again. Data was flawed in original post)

Gesine Janzen
Montana State University, Bozemen, MT, USA
Paper: "History, Memory, and Identity: Printmaking as a Connection Between Generations"

Loit Joekalda
Association of Estonian Printmakers, Tallinn, Estonia.
Proposal to host Impact-5 in Tallinn, Estonia in 2007 (to be presented on Friday September 9, 10:00)

April Katz
Iowa State University, Ames, IA USA                                                                                     
Paper: “Printmaking, Touch, and the Genetic Body”

Richard John Kilpert
Johannesburg; South Africa
Paper: "Printmaking and the Multiliteracy Approach to Secondary School Syllabi"

Cynthia Kukla
Illinois State University, Normal, IL USA
Paper: “Postmodernism and Antique Technologies” (working title) for the session on Printmaking and the Enlightenment Aesthetic

Fritha Langerman
University of Cape Town, South Africa.
Paper: “Reproducing the body:  assessing the continued value of print technology in providing a language for biomedical science”

David Lilburn and Joachim Fischer
University of Limerick, Ireland
Paper: “Tales of Four Cities, Moscow – Warsaw - Berlin – Dublin”

T. Lehtonen
University of Brighton, UK
Paper: “Is this mine own countree?: Speculations on Cultural Positioning”

Stephen Lovett   
Auckland, New Zealand
Paper:  “No Place Like Home”

Josephine Mc Cormick
Belfast Institute of Further and Higher Education, Belfast, Ireland
Paper:  “Contested Space – Printmaking in Northern Ireland”

Rahman Mohamed
Universiti Sains Malaysia, Penang, Malaysia.
Paper: “Printmaking in Malaysian Universities”

Neil Morris
John Moores University, Liverpool. UK
Paper #1: “Eight Days A Week: Liverpool/Cologne Cultural Exchange” 
Paper #2: “Graphic Authorship – Artists in Print”

Stephen Mumberson
Middlesex University, London, UK
Paper:  “Down Cha Cha Cha Road then a morning in a mud hut in Tengenge (Experiences of British Council Print work shops in Zambia and Zimbabwe)”

Richard Noyce
Powys, Wales, UK
Paper: “Beyond Printmaking: Printmaking from the Outside”

Jan Pamula
Academy of Fine Arts, Krakow, Poland
Paper: "Cracow Printmaking"

Carinna Parraman
University of the West of England, Bristol, UK
Paper #1: “The Collaborative Print Exchange as Visual Debate”
Paper #2: “(Re)-Invention, Revolution in Print”

Miroslaw Pawlowski
Academy of Fine Art, Poznan, Poland
Paper: "Young Polish Graphics"
Related to the exhibition "Biennial of Student Graphics" at Stary Browar

Ruth Pelzer-Montada
Edinburgh College of Art, Scotland
Paper: “Printmaking’s ‘Kontaktfreudigkeit’ or the Discursivity of Print”

John Phillips
London Print Studio, London, UK
Paper: “The Printstudio, the Boiled Toad and the Educational Environment of the Future”

Kerry-Lyn Honey (nee Potgieter)
Buffalo City Public FET College, East London, South Africa
Paper: “The Collaborative Shift”

Kathryn J. Reeves
Purdue University, West Lafayette, Indiana, USA                                         
Paper: “Body Contact: Sex, Reproduction and Prints”

Vicki Reynolds
Willunga, South Australia
Paper: “Water-The Australian Experience”

Xenophon Sachinis
Fine Arts School,Printing Department, Aristotle University, Thessalonii Greece
Paper: " The Hidden Dimension of Printing 2"

Rebecca Salter
London, UK
Paper: “Japanese Woodblock Printing and the Art of Travel in Edo Period Japan”

Kyle Schlesinger
Cuneiform Press, Berlin, Germany
Paper #1: "Schablone Berlin"
Paper #2: "Ragged Edges"

Carole M Shepheard
The University of Auckland, Auckland, New Zealand
Paper: Proposal Forthcoming

Andreas Schönfeldt
Tshwane University of Technology, Republic of South Africa
Paper: (working title)“Afrikaans counterpart Kontak: Collaboration between North Ireland and South Africa”

Olga Shustrova (Kassianenko)
Saint Petersburg, Russia

Paper: (working title) "Kontakt Between Russia and Scandinavia"

Minna Sora
University of Lapland, Tampere, Finland
Paper and Portfolio Proposal: (working title) ”Printmaking - through the eyes of public and artists”

Paul Thirkell
University of the West of England, Bristol. UK
Paper: “A Borderless State: Redefining Print in the Digital Age”

Dominic Thorburn
School of Fine Art Rhodes University, Grahamstown, South Africa
Paper Proposal: Forthcoming

Vappu Thurlow
Estonian Art critic and curator, Estonia
Paper Proposal: “ Contact between the Author and the Audience: Revelation of Avoidance?”

Ruth Weisberg
University of Southern California, Los Angeles, CA, USA
Final Keynote Address: (topic to be formed from conference program itself)
Funded through the Trust for Mutual Understanding

Kristina Zalite
Bralorne, British Columbia, Canada
Paper: “Globalism and the Conception of Canadian and Alaskan Arctic Printmaking”

Barbara Zeigler
University of British Columbia, Vancouver, Canada
Paper: “Shifts in Print Practice and Critical Discourse: The Collaborative Potential of Digital Technologies in the Pedagogy of Interdisciplinary-Based Print Media”

These are proposals for panels that relate to the themes outlined on the conference web site. The conference organizing committee may form additional panels if needed to cover the various conference themes.

Katherine Bull
Cape Town, South Africa   
Panel: “The Frontier of Knowledge: The Print as Cultural Currency in Contemporary South African

Alicia Candiani
Buenos Aires, Argentina 
Panel: “Diverse, unequal, different…inter-connected”

Teresa Cole
Associate Professor of Art
Tulane University New Orleans, Louisiana, USA
Panel Proposal: “Migrating Souls: The Effects of International Exchange on Artists”.(A Cross-Cultural Panel, 3 or 4 individuals)

Egan Group
Paul Bantey, American University of Sharjah, United Arab Emirates
Matthew Egan, American University of Sharjah, United Arab Emirates                          
Eirik Heintz, American University of Sharjah, United Arab Emirates
Heather Musie, Zayed University, United Arab Emirates (Matt Egan)
Panel: “Multi-Culture and Mono-Culture in the U.A.E.”

Sue Gollifer
University of Brighton, Brighton, UK
Panel: “Digital Creativity: Crossing Borders & Boundaries”

Nicholas Hill
Otterbein College, Westerville, Ohio 43081 USA
Panel: “Crossing Borders and International Exchange”

John Hitchcock, University of Wisconsin-Madison, USA
Keith Christensen, St. Cloud State University, Minnesota, USA
Panel: “Transportation/Movement”

Karen Oremus
Zayed University, Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates
Panel and Portfolio-Exhibition Proposal: “East Meets West - Cross Cultural Exchange through Printmaking”

Mark Pascale
Art Institute of Chicago, Chicago, Illinois. USA
Panel: "The History and Future of Print Competitions"
Funded through the Trust for Mutual Understanding

Jeff Rankin
School of Applied Art, East London, South Africa
Panel Proposal (2 persons): “ "Relief In Research?"

Paul Thirkell
University of the West of England, Bristol. UK
Panel: “Printmaking as Enlightenment Aesthetics: What is Left of this Tradition? The Enlightened Path from Didero to Digital”

April Vollmer and others
New York, NY USA
Participating artists: Jens Bohr of Denmark, Daniel Heyman of the US, Dariusz Kaca of Poland, Merijean Morrissey of Canada, Eva Pietzker of Germany, and Michael Reed of New Zealand, Nel Pak of the Netherlands, and April Vollmer of the US.
Panel: “Japanese Water-Based Woodblock Prints by Artists from the Nagasawa Art Park Program”

These are individuals who may play a role on some of the panels. Additional panelists may be drawn from the list of people proposing papers.

Peter Ford

Off-Centre Gallery, Bristol, UK
Potential Panelist: role to be determined

Mark Franchino
Plains Art Museum, Fargo, North Dakota, USA
Potential Panelist: Role to be determined

Davida Kidd
Burnaby, British Columbia, Canada
Potential Panelist: "International Print Competitions"

Bill Hosterman
Grand Valley State University, Allendale, MI, USA
Panelist: "Student International Kontakt"

Christa Wolf
The Ink Shop Printmaking Center & Olive Branch Press,Ithaca, NY
Panel or Panelist: "Crossing Borders and International Exchange

Specific technical demonstrations. There are opportunties for these to take place in both Berlin and Poznan. More submissions are still needed in this category and may be sent at anytime.

Henrik Bøegh
Grafisk Eksperimentarium, Copenhagen, Denmark
Demonstration: “Non-Toxic Photo Intaglio Methods”

Anju Chaudhuri
Paris, France
Demonstration: “Viscosity of oil in colour etching”

Carmon Colangelo
University of Georgia, Athens, GA USA
Demonstration: "Printerly Combinations" (working title)

Wim Habraken
Den Bosch, Netherlands
Demonstration: “Edible Inks and Other Innovative Applications in Screenprinting” (working title)

Bill Hosterman
Grand Valley State University, Allendale, MI, USA
Demonostration: "Drypoint Lithography" (also a portfolio of prints)

Dennis Olsen
University of Texas, San Antonio, Texas, USA
and the Santa Reparata International School of Art, Florence, Italy
Demonstration: (Working Title) “Water-Based Monoprinting”

Eva Pietzcker and Haruka Furusaka
Druckstelle, Berlin, Germany and Osaka, Japan
Demonstration: “Japanese Woodblock Printmaking with Water-Based Inks”

Dennis O'Neil
Hand Print Workshop International, Alexandria, Virginia, USA
Demonstration: "Alternative Approaches in Screenprinting"

These are special presenters who we hope will play a central role in the conference.

Thomas Kilpper
Berlin, Germany
Demonstration or Lecture: Potential Conference Participant

Friedrich A. Kittler
Seminar für Ästhetik, Humbodlt-Universität zu Berlin, Berlin, Germany (Peter Geble, Secretary)
Keynote Address: “Walter Benjamin”

David Lynch
USA and Poland (Paula Panczenko)
Keynote speaker and exhibition: through Tandem Press, Madison, WI, USA

Annette Seeler
Berlin, Germany
Paper: Recommended by Dr. Gudrun Fritsch of the Käthe Kollwitz Museum to present a paper or participate in a panel on Kollwitz.

Klaus Staeck
Heidelberg, Germany
Potential Keynote Speaker