Dear Beauvais,

There is an offer of a lecture for a panel about posters, as a sort of pandant to the poster's exhibition at the museum. The autor - Szymon Bojko - however's a very old person (88!), but suprinsingly very vivid, picturesque and at the same time logical and so on. He used to be a very well known critic on the field of posters and had lectures for certain time in the USA and does not stop to lecture and write. He's very eager to have a speech about posters.

The problem's - right now Mr. Bojko is very busy and is not able to prepare the abstract in English version for the 15th February. He got the info last days. Zdzislaw Szubert - the head of Poster Department at our museum recomends him.

My second question: is it possible to do an exception in his case and let him write an abstract later?


Szymon Bojko, is the author of New Graphic Design in Revolutionary Russia [Translated from the Polish by Robert Strybel and Lech Zembrzuski]. New York, Praeger [1972]

Art historian and cultural scholar Szymon Bojko received an honorary PhD from the Rhode Island School of Art and Design in 2002 where he taught beginning in 1984. While at RISD, this elderly statesman had instigated an avant-garde happening at RISD that brought the world’s major art movements alive for students. Over the next 13 years, Bojko won a passionate following by collaborating with students and fellow faculty to produce the annual RISD Cabaret, a series of original theater productions based largely on his own extensive research and travels. In 1992, he entrusted the RISD Library with his prized collection of 20th century Polish posters, dating from 1949 to 1980, and in 1999, his collected materials from Solidarity before retiring from teaching in 2001. Last spring, the RISD Library celebrated Szymon Bojko’s life of teaching and scholarship with an exhibition entitled Life and Legends of Szymon Bojko.


From Beauvais Lyons:

I like the idea of having a lecture related to the poster exhibition. No problem in the absence of a proposal. Your recommendation is enough regarding Szymon Bojko. One thought would be if we might pair him with a contemporary Polish poster artist so that is a dual presentation, one that includes history and practice? Either way, it is fine with me.

Original Message From Grazyna Halasa, Curator of Prints at the national Museum of Poznan: <>


From John Phillips, London Print Studio

I see that there's a proposal for Szymon Bojko to present a paper on Posters, which would be great. I haven't seen him for many years, since he wrote an article about us in the 70's. I'm currently working on an exhibition of Russian posters 1917 to 1928, and it occurred to me that if Szymon is looking for a running mate we might be able to organise something