From:  Peter Ford
Dear Beauvais Lyons,
I am interested by the forthcoming Impact Conference 2005.  I have had links with Poland since 1985 and have been a participant in exhibitions there since that date - in Torun, Katowice, Lublin, Krakow and other places.    Also together with my partner Christine, I have been running a gallery here in Bristol which has as its focus contemporary international printmaking.   I was a participant in the first Impact Conference in Bristol (we contributed an exhibition of recent Polish printmaking).   I am not an academic though I have written many articles and reviews about art on paper.    My immediate reason for contacting you now is to ask for clarification on what is meant by 'portfolios' on the card calling for proposals.   My assumption is that it means a series or sequence of linked images presented in a portfolio for viewing by conference delegates.   I feel that I should be able to participate in this event in some form but do not have a clear focus on it at the moment....
with good wishes, 
Peter Ford.
Artist and director of Off-Centre Gallery, Bristol.