Gerten Goldbeck
Netzwerk Druckgrafik
Network Printmaking
Friedensallee 44
D-22765 Hamburg, Germany
Telephone: +49(0)40-33310237
Fax: +49(0)40-43197659

Information Table: "Building a Printmaking Network in Europe on the Web"

On Tuesday September 6th I will have an information table at the conference introducing the internaet-based resource Network Printmaking. This is an international association of printmaking workshops,  artists involved in printmaking as well as printmaking organisations.

Network Printmaking presents a platform for the exchange of all kinds of printmaking information. Besides, the network promotes the marketing and selling of prints. The network's website offers all members their own space to present their respective activities online. All members can also communicate among each others and obtain the latest printmaking and art news from the website. The website is still only in German. But it is planned to translate it also into English in 2005. The e-mail newsletter is already to be find at the website in English as well as in German. An e-mail or fax newsletter is circulated on an irregular basis, providing the members and guests of Network Printmaking with all kinds of important information, including a section for offers and ads.  Issuing offers an other news is for free.

An association such as Network Printmaking relies largely on the active participation of its members who are invited to publish their printmaking agenda and news online on their respective pages or in the forum. If you do so, please make sure to do it in time. You can also send important news to Gerten Goldbeck (address above) who will organize its circulation via the above mentioned newsletter.

Network Printmaking was founded in 1997 with the objective to connect printmakers across Europe. Gerten Goldbeck initiated a newsletter received by about 300 printmaking studios and artist across Europe on an irregular basis. This newsletter is published both in German and English. Its publishing is funded by donations. Later also a printmaking fair was brought to life by the organisation.
All these activities have grown to be too time consuming to be borne by one person only and too cost intensive to be funded solely by donations. Therefore the participants of the 2002 fair in Hamburg decided that an e-mail newsletter (sent by fax to those who have no e-mail) should replace the paper one and that an annual members' fee should be introduced.

Membership is open to all printmaking workshops and to all artists working with an emphasis on printmaking in their own workshop. The membership fee amounts to fifty Euros a year. The money is used to finance the website, the mailing of the newsletter via e-mail and fax and the organisation of the print fair. All membership fees and donations are deductible before tax.

As part of Network Printmaking, I coordinate PrintArtFair , which serves as the marketing platform for all members. It takes place every two years. (2001 in Bremen, 2002 & 2004 in Museum of Work in Hamburg). The next fair will be in 2006. Time and location will be presented soon. The fair is not only for selling pictures, but also a weekend for meeting each other, discussing news and it is open  to those artists, who are not members of the network printmaking. I work on this fair without compensation. The work presentede is of consistently high quality. Every fair has got a "Plakatalog". This is from the Germam "Plakat" (affiche) an "Katalog" (catalog).

I hope delegates at the IMPACT 4 conference will decide to participate in the Network Printmaking.

GERTEN GOLDBECK is an independent artist living in Hamburg, Germany. She studied fine arts at with Wolfgang Schmitz at the School of Fine Arts, Bremen. She spent a semester at the École des Beaux-Arts, Caen, France in 1995. Some recent exhibitions include “Bread – Form and Symbol”, Museum of Bread-Culture, Ulm (2005); “Women see Women”, Frauenrat at Rathausdiele, Hamburg (2004); "International Miniatures Exhibition 2003", Gallery "Stiklo Karoliuka"“, Villnius, Litauen (2003); and "International Exhibition of Mini Prints“, Museum of Tetovo area, Art Gallery "Arabat Baba Tekk"“, Tetovo, Macedonia. Goldbeck presented a solo exhibition of her prints "Haut der Stadt", at Levantehaus in Hamburg (2003).