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Association of Estonian Printmakers.
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Address: Vabaduse valjak 6-15, 10146 Tallinn, Estonia.
Proposal to Host Impact 5 in Tallinn 2007

Printmaking as Enlightenment Aesthetics. Culture/Exchange. We are between everything. Between Future and Past, between East and West in united Europe. We are on the crossroads in Estonia, similar crossing borders you can see at your home. Everybody can feel being in the center, in important place to look around. To be open and closed at the same time. Potential problems can be the 11 topics or more (that were suggested earlier) and every question can be the most important at a certain age. If we look around from our Printmaking point of view, we must keep our minds and windows open, transparent from both directions. Borders can be diffused if we are free and open to new ideas. Ready to use every technique, ready for technologies mixed with impossible opportunities. Mixed with different fields, uncomparable to each other. But bearing in mind the ures and roots; and do not forget to accept the heritage of traditions.

We have readiness and capability to realize the Printmaking Conference Impact-5 in Tallinn. The opening of the 14th Tallinn Print Triennial will be in September 2007 and the exhibitions of the Triennial together with the Impact conference can be magnificent consonance. Impact-5 can take place, for example, in our new art museum KUMU, the opening of the museum has planned for the end of this year, 2005. Subsidiary basis of arrangement will start in the Estonian Academy of Arts, in the centre of Tallinn.

International exhibition of triennial with artists from over 30 countries can be in the same building, Art Museum KUMU. Audience Contact and Interaction. of one side on high limestone coast, on the border of old Catharina-park with art museum in 300 years old castle and behind the other castle for our President. Not far from sea and Medieval Tallinn. Over fifty active printmakers, art historians, students from Academy of Arts. Some delegates of Conference at the same time the participators of Triennial. On the background of our art... "Improvisation? like a graphical lines and dots, ideas, processes, technologies of printmaking and the other arts, all mixed together with music and the other fields of culture. Finance and sponsors from international and our own funds, with support of Tallinn city government and Ministry of Culture. Not easy, but just like it must be and go on. etc.