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to read a proposal from Loit Joekalda, Association of Estonian Printmakers, Tallinn, Estonia.

IMPACT 5 Conference Host Guidelines

The Use of the name IMPACT (Multi–Disciplinary Printmaking) Conference resides with the Centre for Fine Print Research at the University of the West of England, Bristol UK.

Hosting the Conference signifies full acceptance of the responsibility for publication of conference proceedings within two years of the conference event or before the next conference which ever occurs earlier. All papers accepted for inclusion in the conference should be published. It is up to each conference host to decide whether to publish workshop and demonstration sections within their conference proceedings.

All conference papers should be refereed by a peer review panel selected by the host institution in consultation with the IMPACT Steering Committee.

Proposals to host an IMPACT conference should include an outline of the proposed conference mission statement and demonstrate the ability of the host institution/s to provide the physical and financial resources to support their conference.

Applicants should make a presentation at the preceding Impact Conference to host the next conference. The final decision to nominate the successful applicant will be taken by the committee within one month of the meeting. Applicants will be notified in writing by the chair of the committee.

Proposals to host the 2007 IMPACT Conference may be made at any time from now until Sept, and should be formally presented at the 2005 Impact Kontakt session: Proposals for Hosting IMPACT 5 (2007) in the Academy of Fine Arts (Poznan), Room 101, ON THE MORNING OF FRIDAY 9th SEPTEMBER. Proposals or expressions of interest for the 2009 Impact Conference are also welcome at this session.

Conferences should usually take place in September, in order to accommodate the European academic year and the opportunity for International delegates to attend.

A single venue is advised, if two venues are to be used, the conference should move as a whole to each venue, rather than splitting the group.

It is advisable to devote separate days to academic papers and workshops/ demonstrations so that the academic integrity of the conference is not undermined.

To assist European academics in proposals for travel funding, please be advised that a panel should be renamed as a themed conference session, to incorporate several short papers hosted by a chairperson, with an opportunity for discussion at the end. This is to enable funding applications for European delegates, as being solely a panel member does not qualify for research funding.

The IMPACT Committee consists of The Centre for Fine Print Research at UWE, Bristol as chair, with one other; one representative from each of the previous host institutions, and two other nominated members. For 2005 this consists of:

Stephen Hoskins, UWE, Bristol, UK (CHAIR)

Richard Anderton, UWE, Bristol, UK

Kari Laitinen, UIAH, Helsinki, Finland

Dominic Thorburn, Rhodes University, Grahamstown, South Africa

Stephen Inngs, University of Cape Town, South Africa

Beauvais Lyons, University of Tennessee, USA

Kathryn Reeves, Purdue University, USA