Richard John Kilpert
1 Tilbec; Viscount Avenue; Windsor West
Johannesburg; South Africa; 2194
phone/fax 073 272 4400          
I attended the Cape Town Impact with the portfolio "Salted Lines: Images from the Mouth of the Buffalo. It was fantastic and I will be registering for your conference.  Here is a brief proposal for a paper:
PAPER PROPOSAL: Printmaking and the Multiliteracy Approach to Secondary School Syllabi.

The restructuring of the South African education system has seen some radical approaches to activity - based teaching.
I have been involved with putting together a multiliteracy handbook for the Curriculum Development Project in Johannesburg, South Africa, and wrote a chapter which specifically employs printmaking as a vehicle for personal and cultural research.
 I would like to present my findings as a paper or as a panellist  at the conference.


born                :          2 April 1971, Harare, Zimbabwe
nationality     :           South African
i.d. number    :           710402 5293 088                                       
address         :           1 Tilbec; Viscount Avenue; Windsor West
                        :         Johannesburg; South Africa; 2194
phone/fax      :           073 272 4400          
email:             : 
schooling      :           Selborne College , East London                                                      [1988]
tertiary:           :           Wits University, Johannesburg                                       
                        :           Interactive Digital Arts MA                                                [current]
                        :           Rhodes University, Grahamstown          
                        :           MFA (Graphic Printmaking)                                                    [1994 – 1996]
                        :           B. Fine Art (Cum Laude Practical)                                                    [1994]
awards           :           Cite International des Arts International Residency                     [2002]
:           Pullen Scholarship & Rhodes Scholarship                                    [1994]         :           Wits University Postgraduate Scholarship                                       [2004]
experience    :           Studio Manager -  Wits University Printmaking Department                    [2005]
                        :           Writer – Curriculum Development Project Multiliteracies Book               [2004]
                        :           Printmaking Lecturer – Buffalo City College Fine Art Dept                   [2001-2]
                        :           Design Consultant - Imbewu Project - 3 ISPD Phase 3                           [2000]
                        :           Artist/creative director, “WATER VISION ADVENTURES”, Sasol 
                        :           Scifest creative education programme at Albany Museum               [2000]
                        :           Director - Ilitha Arts Education Project (Eastern Cape)                    [‘97 -‘00]
                        :           Workshops “Artspotting” @ National Schools’ Festival                    [’98 -’00]
                        :           Adjudicator For National Eisteddfod                                             [‘98, ‘99]
                        :           Co-ordinator,Teacher - Community Youth Programme  -
                        :           Dakawa Arts And Crafts Community Centre                               [‘94 -'96]
                        :           Curator - Culture And Heritage Tourism Art & Craft Exhibition
:           Conference (Dept. arts Culture And Sport - Bisho)                        [1997]
:           IEC election official                                                                  [1994]
                        :           Art Teacher, President's Award                                                                      [1994]
                        :           Graphics Designer With L. Harry & Sons E.L.                                  [1992]
exhibitions    :           ‘terminal_Extensions’  (Johannesburg)                                             [2004]
                        :           ‘Salted Lines’ Print Portfolio (National)                                          [2003-4]
                        :           New Signatures ( Cuyler Street Gallery PE)                                    [2003]
                        :           ‘Rebellion & Uproar’ ( Albany Museum, Robben Island)                           [2002]
                        :           The View Gallery (Liverpool)                                                        [UK 2002]
                        :           ‘Jour International des Popcorn’ (Paris)                                             [France 2002]
                        :           ‘Mazungu Masai’ (Nieu Bethesda, Grahamstown, E.L.)                             [2001]
                        :           ‘Address/Redress’ Print Portfolio (Oliewenhuis, National)             [1999]
                        :           SA Printmakers (Sweden )                                                                   [1998]
                        :           !Xoe Site Specific  (Nieu-bethesda)                                                   [1998]
                        :           Groundswell (Klein Karoo Kunstefees)                                              [1998]
                        :           Volkskas Atelier selection                                                        [1997]
                        :           ‘Printworks’ Rhodes Graphics Retrospective (Grahamstown)                  [1997]
                        :           National Festival of The Arts                                                         [1993 - '96]
collections     :           King George VI Art Gallery (P.E.);
                        :           Anne Bryant (E. L.); Rhodes Alumni (Ght)
                        :           MTN (Jhb);  Sanlam (Pretoria);                                                                             :           Mattamondo (UK), Various – Private
publications: “Rebellion & Uproar” 2002; !Xoe Site-specific Catalogue 1998
                        :           “Printmaking in South Africa” 1997, Grafik-Sydafrika Sweden 1998
illustration,    :           Storyboard – “Blow” short film (Blink Productions)                        [2004]
design            :           Large-scale aerial illustration of campus for
&                     :           Rhodes University Centenary Year                                                  [2003]
construction  :           Domestic Workers Training Manuals illustration
                                    for National Services Seta                                                      [2003]
                        :           “Hadeda Island” Sharenet Book Series (Primary Schools)          [2003]
                        :           Library Mural Fazakerley, Liverpool                                                  [2002]
                        :           Molo Songololo – SA cultural workshops tour, UK  schools         [2002]
                        :           Costumes & Make-up – “pARTs” dance event                                           [2001]
:           Roxbury Cinema, Grahamsown - 12 Large Scale Drawings          [2000-‘01]
:           Poster prize, Albany Disability Forum                                               [2001]
            :           NEEP Policy Booklet,                                                                          [2000]
:           Rhodes EnvironmentalEducation Policy Illustrations                  [2000]
:           Rhodes University - Science Festival Entrance                                          [1998]
                        :           Standard Bank Jazz Festival Venue                                                  [1997]
                        :           Cover For English in Africa                                                                                           [1993 ]                :           Graphics For Cue-tv ‘97, “Cyberfish” - Jlb Smith Institute         [1997]
                        :           6 Illustrated Maps for Animated Maps S.A                      .       [1996 – 1999]  
                        :           "Rethinking Mathematics” & Primary Maths Teacher Training   
            :           Books for Rhodes University Mathematics in  EducationProject       [1995/6]
            :           "Nokhaya"  Adult Literacy Series for Juta (5 Books)                  [1994 – 96]
                        :           National Schools' Festival Posters                                             [1995, ‘99]
                        :           7 Community Mural Projects (Facilitated & Design)               [1994 – ‘96]
skills               :           Clean Driver's Licence – Code: Car 08, Motorbike 03
                        :           Adobe Photoshop CS, FlashMX, Final Cut Pro4, Dreamweaver
                        :           Word Processing, basic DTP
                        :           Fundraising, Reports and Budgets
                        :           National Technikon Teacher Accreditation
                        :           South African Association of Visual Arts member
:           C-mas Diving Licence, EP Underwater Hockey
                        :           English and Afrikaans (Speak/write), Xhosa (basics)
referees        :           Greg Schultz,            Head of Fine Art Dept, Buffalo City College
                                                                        Tel. 043 – 704 9228
Giselle Baillie,          Director, Underpressure Agency
                                                                        Tel. 084 – 555 6099

Pawel Ignaczak Muzeum Narodowe w Poznaniu Print Room Al. Marcinkowskiego 8 Poznan POLAND Tel: +48 61 8568 062 e-mail: The Graphic work of Jean Pierre Norblin de la Gourdaine Art of contact of cultures The theme of the 4th Impact Conference – KONTAKT – stresses the importance of the encounter and exchange between cultures through the graphic art. One example from the history of Polish artistic graphic illustrates the thesis that the entrepôt of cultures is able not only to create an interesting personality, but also may give origins to an independent artistic school. Jean Pierre Norblin was born in France in 1745. By the beginning of the seventies he followed his artistic education in Paris, first in the workshop of a famous battle painter, Francesco Casanova, later at the Académie Royale de Peinture et de Sculpture. After his studies he accepted the invitation of a Polish aristocrat, the Prince Adam K. Czartoryski, and came to Poland. He stayed in this country for 30 years, working for some noble families. During the events of the end of the century, when Poland lost its independence, he depicted some of the dramatic scenes, many of them being crucial to the Polish history. He returned to France in 1804, where he died in 1830. Jean Pierre Norblin started his career in France, in the early sixties. Paris was then one of the most important centres of graphic production. Most of the workshops created the reproduction works, focalising on the adequate depiction of the scene from the painting, using different, new-discovered techniques. The first known Norblin´s work, an engraving dating from 1763, one may see as a part of this production, where the personal originality and aesthetic values have minor importance. His graphic language, very restrained, is deprived from chiaroscuro effects. During his studies in Paris Norblin got acquainted with the Rembrandt´s graphic work. There he bequeathed one of his plates. Trying to discover the mystery of his greatness, he reworked the plate. But only the stay in Dresden and contact with its artistic milieu allowed him to became familiar with all the engraving and dry-point techniques. Norblin came to the capital of Saxony in the early seventies, when in Dresden were active many artists inspired by the work of Rembrandt. The most famous and appreciated throughout Europe was Christian Wilhelm Ernst Dietrich, who imitated many compositions of the Dutch Master. A hypothesis, that Norblin could study in his workshop is very probable. Educated on the basis of traditions of three countries: France, Holland, Saxony – Norblin came to Poland. Although the first engravings he made after a ten-years pause were created when Norblin was still in Dresden, they predict his Polish works, where art of Rembrandt, Dietrich´s pieces and Polish reality meet in harmony. Themes of Norblin´s works are various. The composition „Alexander visiting Apelles“, dating from 1773, being a copy of a Dietrich´s painting is both an echo of the time spent in an Parisian graphic reproduction atelier and a hommage to his Saxon master. In the same year Norblin created „The Origin of Drawing“. This work is an evidence of the change of style thanks to experience of Rembrandt and Dresden graphic art. Using vast black areas contrasting with those untouched by the colour, he made a convincing scene of subtle but strong chiaroscuro, remembering us the best Rembrandt´s effects. The most impressive night scene Norblin created some years later. „Old man writing“ is one of the pieces depicting Jews. An important part of population in Poland were Jews, and without doubt Norblin was impressed by dresses and traditions of this minority. Poland was for Norblin a real discovery. Beside Jews, he found here such exotic themes like Polish noblemen. He may have found them as living characters from Rembrandt´s works with their rich oriental dress and unfamiliar traditions. He depicted them in his engravings at the side of Polish beggars, that are also iconographical descendants of Rembrandt´s ones. The Norblin´s attitude was not only receptive. Among his most interesting pieces are works dedicated to the events from the Bohemian and Polish history. A short time after his arrival in Poland he created two beautiful engravings: „The Election of Przemysl for the king of Bohemia“ and „The Election of Piast for the king of Poland“. Both of them show events from the history of Central European nations, ignored in the Western countries. Norblin created here, without direct iconographical sources, first depictions of the origins of the two nations. The graphic work of Jean Pierre Norblin unites traditions of several countries: France, Holland, Saxony, Poland, Bohemia. In his engravings the history meets the future, the western art meets the Central European traditions and reality. Thanks to artistic values they became the basis for the Polish graphic school, and were still alive in the art of Michal Plonski and Aleksander Orlowski in the 19th century.