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CTF Taekwondo


Taekwondo is a striking art that primarily emphasizes subdueing the attacker in a few, well-placed, strikes. CTF taekwondo practices the Chang Han pattern system and emphasizes the philosophy of constant and never-ending self-improvement. It supports this philosophy by teaching the four steps to goal realization: imagination, inspiration, actualization.

Self defense is taught to taekwondo practitioners by paying close attention to each move in the patterns that are taught and finding the many different applications of each move.

Meeting times / locations

CTF Taekwondo will meet on Tuesday and Thursday 8:00 - 10:00pm in Studio 10 of T-Recs and is taught by Alex Walton, a 2nd dan.


In order to be ranked in the CTF and thus learn material past the white belt level, the practitioner must pay the CTF fee of $45. This pays for membership to the CTF for a year and allows the practitioner to be ranked in the organization and carries a few additional benefits such as internationally recognized taekwondo rank.

Practitioners will also be asked to pay the standard $40 test fee for each belt test. This pays for their test results to be sent to, reviewed, and graded by the Grandmaster of the CTF. This is to allow, for example, a yellow belt rank to mean the same thing everywhere in the organization as oppsed to allowing each instructor to have a different interpretation of what a yellow belt student looks like.

Practitioners will also be asked to buy a gi.

The instructors are not paid for their time, however, club dues are collected to provide for such items as mats and travel expenses. Dues are $45 per semester (Fall, Spring, and Summer) and are due at the beginning of each semester. Payment of dues entitles you to participate in all other classes at no additional charge.

Guests are welcome to attend a few classes before paying any fees and buying a gi.

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