UTMA Club Judo Tournament
Tennessee State Championships

Kata Competition Information

All kata will be performed on the large Tatami.
The kata competition will start shortly after the close of registration

Entree Fees

$45.00 Per Team
*Make checks payable to Martial Arts Club at UT


  • Nage-No-Kata (first 3 sets)
  • Goshin Jitsu
  • Katame-No-Kata
  • Ju-No-Kata
  • Kime-No-Kata (first 2 sets)
  • Nage-No-Kata
  • Goshin Jitsu
  • Katame-No-Kata
  • Ju-No-Kata
  • Kime-No-Kata


  • Both uke and tori should wear a white judo uniform per current IJF requirements
  • A kata team may consist of two male, two female, or one male and one female
  • Performances will be judged using current IJF kata judging criteria
  • Scores for all judges will be combined to determine the winner for each category
  • Categories may be combined at discretion of head judge or tournament director to facilitate competition between two or more teams


Lisa Capriotti and Robert Gouthro, 2016 Pan-American Kata Champions in Nage-no-kata and Kime- no-kata
Judges will be available after the competition to provide technical feedback based on IJF World Kata Clinic 2014-5 for interested participants.