Dr. Avishesh Neupane now Soil Microbiology Post Doctorate at Bayer

Dr. Avishesh Neupane has been a postdoc in our laboratory since 2019. This past month, he joined Bayer as a post doctorate soil microbiologist. While in our lab, Avi’s research has contributed to our understanding of SOC in agricultural systems, including the influence of manganese, nitrogen, biochar, and microplastics on SOC dynamics, and the use of stable carbon isotopes to determine how global change will influence SOC. He has been instrumental in optimizing analytical techniques in our lab with his expertise in gas chromatography, dry combustion, and isotope-ratio mass spectrometry machines. Most importantly, he has helped all of us to grow into better scientists and people. He is now stationed in St. Louis, Missouri. Congratulations Dr. Neupane and please stay in touch!