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The following lists are in reverse chronological order of the start date.

Grants from the National Science Foundation

Current Grants

(NSF-1) PI on NSF DMR 1809640 (with Co-PI P.K. Liaw at the University of Tennessee, & Collaborative Project NSF DMR 1809696 by PI H.B. Chew at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign): Collaborative Research: In situ Diffraction and Cohesive-Zone Studies of the Fatigue-Crack-Growth Behavior in Mg Alloys, $375K, 8/1/2018-7/31/2021 (no cost extension to 7/31/2022).

(NSF-2) Senior Personnel on NSF IIP 1540000 & 1822186: I/UCRC: Manufacturing & Materials Joining Innovation Center (Phase I and Phase II, respectively, 9/1/2015~7/31/2022), UTK Site PI and Director: Prof. Claudia Rawn. Projects on friction stir welding and stress relaxation cracking (both with Dr. Zhili Feng).

(NSF-3) Co-PI on NSF IIP 2052729: IUCRC Phase III University of Tennessee, Knoxville (UTK): Manufacturing & Materials Joining Innovation Center (Ma2JIC), with PI Claudia Rawn and other Co-PIs (Eric Lass, Dayakar Penumadu, and Tony Schmitz), $191,354, 2021-2026.

Past Grants

(NSF-4) PI on NSF CMMI 1300223: Strain-Induced Ordering, Assembly, and Defects in Nanoscale Thin-Film Heterostructures, $268K, 5/1/2013-4/30/2016 (no-cost extension till 1/31/2019). (Final = 17 papers.)

(NSF-5) Co-PI on NSF DMR 1206960 (with PI Y. Gu and Co-PI M.D. McCluskey at Washington State University, & Co-PI Wenguang Zhu at UT): FRG: Structural Phase Transformations in Polymorphic Nanostructures, 9/1/2012-8/31/2015 (no-cost extension till 8/31/2016).

(NSF-6) PI on NSF CMMI 0926798 (with Co-PI G.M. Pharr): Indentation-Induced Damage Initiation and Evolution in Single- and Poly-Crystalline Ceramics, $315,000, 10/1/2009~09/30/2012 (no-cost extension till 9/30/2014). (Final = 10 papers.)

(NSF-7) Co-PI on NSF DMR 0909037 (with PI P.K. Liaw): Materials World Network: Structure and Mechanical Behavior of Nanocrystalline Phase-Containing Glass-Forming Thin Films, $420,000, 8/1/2009~7/31/2012 (no-cost extension till 7/31/2014), as well as a REU supplement of $6,000 in 2012. (Final = 78 papers.)

(NSF-8) PI on NSF CMMI 0900027: A Peierls Perspective on Mechanisms of Atomic Friction, $198K, 07/01/2009~06/30/2012 (no-cost extension till 06/30/2014). (Final = 10 papers.)

(NSF-9) PI on NSF CMMI 0800168 (with Co-PI G.M. Pharr at UT and Senior Collaborator B.C. Larson at ORNL): Scale-Dependent Crystal Plasticity and Nanoindentation-Induced Dislocation Microstructure, $316,643, 05/01/2008~04/30/2011 (no cost extension to 4/30/2012). (Final = 15 papers.)

Grants from the Department of Energy

Current Grants

Past Grants

(DOE-1) Co-PI on DOE BES FWP ERKCM06 (PI: George M. Pharr, and Co-PIs: Hongbin Bei, Yanfei Gao, James Morris): Multiscale Mechanical Properties and Alloy Design, ~$1M per year, FY 2016-2018.

(DOE-2) Co-PI on DOE BES FWP ERKCM06 (with PI E.P. George at ORNL and a few other Co-PIs): Multiscale Mechanical Properties and Alloy Design, ~$1M per year, FY 2010-2012 & FY 2013-2015.

(DOE-3) Senior Participant in the Energy Frontier Research Center (EFRC) for Defect Physics in Structural Materials (ORNL), DOE BES FWP ERKCS99, http://cdp.ornl.gov, 8/1/2009~7/31/2014.

(DOE-4) Co-PI on DOE BES FWP ERKCS92 (with PI G.M. Stocks and later PI Zhenyu Zhang at ORNL and other Co-PIs): Theoretical Studies of Formation, Stability, and Properties of Low-Dimensional Materials, ~$1.6M per year, FY 2008-2011 (4 years).

Grants from UT-Battelle and Oak Ridge National Laboratory

Current Grants

Past Grants

(UTB-1) PI on UT-Battelle grant: Creep deformation and fracture and the effects of microstructure in Type-IV weldment failure, $208,617, 2/1/2016~6/30/2021.

(UTB-2) PI on UT-Battelle grant: Evolution of structural and deformation heterogeneities across multiple length scales in metallic glasses, $96,280, 7/1/2016~6/30/2019.

(UTB-3) PI on UT-Battelle grant: Unified Constitutive Modeling and Numerical Verification of Alloy 617, 12/1/2013~12/31/2015.

(UTB-4) PI on UT-Battelle grant: Microstructure and Mechanism Based Simulations of Failure in High Temperature Alloys, 1/1/2013-9/30/2013.

(UTB-5) PI on UT-Battelle grant: Fundamental Studies of Metallic Glasses and their Composites, 9/1/2012~4/30/2014.

(UTB-6) PI on UT-Battelle grant (with Co-PI M.C. Troparevsky): Theoretical Studies of Novel Properties of Metal/Alloy Nanoparticles, $158,000, 5/1/2011~1/31/2013.

(UTB-7) PI on UT-Battelle grant: Energetics and Kinetics of Nanoscale Incipient Dislocation Plasticity, 9/9/2008~3/31/2013.

(UTB-8) PI on UT-Battelle grant: Directed Self-Assembly and Film Growth of Superconductors and other Oxides, 04/14/2008~04/13/2010.

(UTB-9) Co-PI on ORNL LDRD 07-091 (with PI G.M. Stocks and Co-PI A. Goyal): Fundamental Mechanisms of Self-Assmelby of Ordered Nanostructures in Heterogeneous Ceramic Materials, $573K, 10/01/2006~09/30/2008.

Grants from Other Sources

Current Grants

Past Grants

(Others-1) PI on Agilent Technologies Foundation Research Project: 3D Multi-Physics Modeling and Analysis of Next-Generation ASIC Packaging, $22,500, 7/1/2010~1/31/2012.

(Others-2) PI on a contract from the Center for Materials Processing at UT: Small Scale Mechanical Testing -- Accurate Measurements of Thin Film Mechanical Properties, $47K, 12/1/2007~6/30/2011.

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