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Technical Demonstrations

Below is a listing of technical demonstrations that will be presented at the conference. Paper for demonstrations has been donated by Papierfabrik Zerkall Renker & Soehne. See their web site at:

Monday September 5: BERLIN GERMANY

MONDAY: 10:00-15:30                 
Druckwerkstatt, Kulturwerk of bbk berlins, Mariannenplatz 2.

See a collaborative Demographics Project by 4 international artists; Matthew Egan (Canada), Mark Hosford (USA), Heather Muise (Canada) and Martin Noll (Germany) completed for the IMPACT 4 conference. This multi-authored collaborative print project was completed at Druckerwerkstatt Bethanien in Berlin during the week prior to the conference. Through this project they will use the various facilities in the workshop (lithography, intaglio, screenprint, relief and digital prints). The project will offer a tangible example of international exchange and "kontakt" between a group of international artists.  

Druckstelle, Manteuffelstrasse 103, phone: 40-53-95-10 (van service)
This small workshop run by Eva Pietzcker and Miriam Zegrer serves as venue for publication projects and a variety of educational workshops. During the open house, Eva Pietzcker and Haruka Furusaka will demonstrate "Japanese Woodblock Printmaking with Water-Based Inks"

Tuesday September 6: BERLIN, GERMANY

TUESDAY: 10:30-13:00                       
Demonstrations in the workshops of Universität der Künste Berlin  

Screenprinting Workshop (B053)
Wim Habraken, Kurtface Studio and Gallery, Den Bosch, Netherlands
Demonstration: “Extreme Silkscreen Techniques in Art Printing”

Relief Printing Workshop (B052)
Dennis Olsen, President, Santa Reparata International School of Art, Florence, Italy
Demonstration: “Water-Based Monoprinting”

Lithography Workshop (B051)
Bill Hosterman, Grand Valley State University, Allendale, Michigan, USA
Demonstration: "Drypoint Lithography"

Intaglio Workshop (B050)
Henrik Bøegh, Art Guide / Forlaget Bøegh / Grafisk Eksperimentarium, Copenhagen, Denmark
Demonstration: “Non-Toxic Photo Intaglio Methods”

TUESDAY: 13:30-16:00
Demonstrations in the workshops of Universität der Künste Berlin  
Screenprinting Workshop (B053)
Wim Habraken, Kurtface Studio and Gallery, Den Bosch, Netherlands
Demonstration: “Edible Inks and Other Innovative Applications in Screenprinting”

Relief Printing Workshop (B052)
Carmon Colangelo, University of Georgia, Athens, Georgia USA and
Dennis O'Neil, Hand Print Workshop International, Alexandria, Virginia, USA
Demonstration: "Printerly Combinations"

Lithography Workshop (B051)
Randy Hemminghaus, Rutgers Center for Innovative Print and Paper, New Brunswick, New Jersey, USA
Demonstration: "Uses of Toner as a Drawing Material in Lithography"

Intaglio Workshop (B050)
Anju Chaudhuri, Atelier 8, Paris, France
Demonstration: "Viscosity of Oil in Color Etching"

Thursday September 8: POZNAN, POLAND

THURSDAY: 10:00-16:00           
Projects and demonstrations in the Studios of the Academy of Fine Arts, Building A-B

Woodcut Studio, Building A, Room 108
Jeff Rankin and Mickey Mtiya, School of Applied Art, Border Technikon, East London, South Africa
"Relief In Research?"
For this working studio session and print presentation, Mtiya will present and print blocks from his monochromatic woodcut series based on his exploration of teenage prostitution in an area close to the School of Applied Art. Also viewed will be “Fishmaids of Betrayal”, a recent work by Rankin that employs a series of repeated metaphorical images, in woodcut and drawing, to reflect critically on personal experience. In both cases the studio session will trace the narrative process which encouraged the making of the image and the role of printmaking in the outcome.

Intaglio Studio, Building A, Room 111
Dan Welden, Sag Harbor, New York, USA
"Solarplate: an alternative, safer approach to printmaking without acids, solvents or grounds"

Screenprinting Studio, Building A, Room 312
Dennis O'Neil
, Hand Print Workshop International, Alexandria, Virginia, USA and
Carmon Colangelo, University of Georgia, Athens, Georgia, USA
Demonstration: "Alternative Approaches in Screenprinting"

Offset Studio, Building B, ground floor
Impact-Kontakt Poster Project
See the academy's new offset workshop as a poster is produced about the conference.

THURSDAY: 12:00-15:30  
Gallery Arsenal, Stary Rynek 3
Wieslaw Smuzny,
Nicolas Copernicus University, Torun, Poland
Workshop/Demonstration: "Body Printing for 21st Century Figuration"